The couch is gone!



That I will spend exactly one month in my apartment, I just became shocked. In four weeks I travel with some cartons towards home to spend the last days in Germany. At least this is planned.

When a young Polish man stood with my father in my apartment two days ago and pressed my money into my couch, I did not want to let her go. So the couch. I would have liked to hold her, chained to her. Crap If the young guy had not made the down payment, I probably had invented an excuse that he could not take it with him. Now she is gone. I sit on a mattress in my living room, although I could sit at my table, which I will not pass on to a friend until two weeks. Everything goes into other hands. So I wanted it. Phew, everything is not as simple as imagined.

Last week, I had someone in my living room, which has broken my Ikea chest (“Hemnes”), which is probably very much sought after. Gymnasium teacher from Düsseldorf. We came into the conversation and he finally took another commode, which stood here. He also told me that his entire apartment was made of second-hand furniture. Horny thing, I thought. I envy people who live this lifestyle. An apartment of strange, used objects. If every second of us would live like this, Ikea would probably sell only Hemne’s chests of drawers.

Chest of drawers, couch also and just the wardrobe has been dismantled. 2 young men, Turkish, nice and funny. Man, I will miss the time I have spent here in my apartment in the last months. No matter where I opened the door, a surprise came in and there was a lot of laughter. Just as a young German mother with her 12-year-old son stood before my door and wanted to pick up my old Acer laptop. The small Acer had already been on eBay for seven weeks and nobody wanted to have it (apart from Ali, who would have picked it up for 30 €). 12 hours after I decided to keep the laptop, came the call of the young mother. So it can go.

Well, that I soon have no more furniture and my flat is pretty empty, I must not be surprised. No couch, no bed, no table where I can eat daily. Yes, I have to admit that it is a funny feeling to be on the road just once with a backpack and eat at strange tables. But at the same time, it is also exciting. It is almost a new beginning after 29 years and no matter how it goes, I will enjoy it.

Read on, if you want to get rid of ballast in your apartment. Now I have some personal tips 🙂

  • Go through the apartment and search for things you do not need.
  • What about electronic devices? Do you have a computer, a smartphone or a lamp too much? Use eBay, Shpock or eBay classifieds.
  • Start with your wardrobe (for example, I liked it the easiest): what did you not wear in the last 6 months? Sort the clothes, pack them in pockets and banish them into the cellar. If you do not miss the things after 4 weeks, give it away.
  • Do you have furniture, which only stand in the corner, and no longer be used?
  • Do you really need 30 pairs of shoes or can not they use other people (for example, refugees) much better? Find out what there is in your city for collecting points for needy people and donate your things.
  • Look at your bookshelf and sell books you’ve read and received (like Amazon, momox or rebuy) online or give them to friends. Per friend a book you choose for him. He / she will be happy!

You can apply this example to all other aspects in your life:

  • Job
  • Friendships
  • Hobbies
  • Nutrition

Only with your family it’s getting complicated 😉

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