TeilenI’m sitting in the train on my way home having my laptop sitting on my lap. A new ring on my left hand accompanies me as a souvenir for a nice weekend with friends in Hamburg. A weekend that has shown me what I really want in my life: To be free […]

Heartbeat – life is exciting!

TeilenIn the last few months, I was asked more and more often: “Anne, what do you actually do?” Yes, what am I doing for a life? It is obvious that I travel. I have been traveling for over 15 months now. 15 months with a backpack through Central America. “Man, […]

Travel remotely and work online

TeilenSince I am traveling, I always meet people who tell me that they eat vegetarian or vegan. They come from all over the world. For Germany alone, the figure is estimated to be 1.2 million vegans (not that I have met them all). For 3 years and 4 months I eat vegan now. […]

5 reasons to go vegan

TeilenIt’s the goal of all of us in life: We want to be healthy and happy. The fact that this is not the easiest task, everybody has to realise now and then. We complain about our partner, our job, our own body. We always find a reason not to be happy. But […]

Healthy and happy in 3 steps

TeilenLife is a journey. For me, my life in the last months has been quite an exciting trip. It is a year ago that I packed my backpack and made my way to Nicaragua. Well, it is exactly 13 months ago. I wouldn’t have thought when I started my journey that I […]

Life is a journey

TeilenI was taken out of the bed this morning by the calls of monkeys. Only a few minutes after I had awakened by beautiful birdsongs, the monkeys were awake. I remember when I heard monkeys howling for the first time. This was neither in a German zoo nor in Nicaragua. It […]

Monkeys in Costa Rica

TeilenAlthough Panama was not one of the destinations that I had set before my trip, I am currently sitting right in the middle of it. I found a place hidden between the small town of Boquete and the second largest city in Panama, David. And here I’m sitting now at […]

Where I feel at home

TeilenIn the recent months, I have not let go of a special thought. And when I did not deal with this thought, it was pointed out by others. So I had to ask myself the following question: Why do I like sleeping in hostels and exposing myself to the daily […]

Because I knew I was made for it

TeilenEach of us spent 366 days this year. Perhaps these days have occurred to you like a roller coaster ride, as it was quite turbulent. For others it might be like a ride across the highway. The days have flown too fast again, and you now ask yourself where the time […]

This was my year: 2016