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For the internship in Nicaragua, I had thought about something for the children beforehand. Actually, it was Nora and me. Nora is from Berlin and spent the last year 3 months in La Playa (Somoto). Through the organization Amigos e.V. I was in touch with the members and others volunteers.

Both Nora and I thought it was a good idea to build a library for the children in La Playa / Somoto. In addition, I wanted to do something good for the children before my international assignment and started an online donation campaign, among other things.

I had expected nothing and from this came something unexpected good: within the first 24 hours 40% of the needs were covered and after 2 days the first goal of 250 € had already been reached.

To date, 910 euros of donations have already been collected by donations alone – within 2 months. This is a valuable contribution to the project, the children and the organization.

Contact to Spain

On Christmas Day I asked children in Spain at second-hand shops children’s books. The first contact with the book shop Re-Read in Barcelona was created and thus the concretization of the project. Within a short time we had settled everything and I thought we could send the package with the books soon to Central America. But then came the problem with the transport and customs. Would the package cross the customs without problems or would it be stopped?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching how crazy in forums, asking for advice from various institutions and service providers. No one could give me a concrete answer. Until the end, it will be a mystery whether the package will make it to Somoto.

We just did it. The package was picked up this afternoon by Packlink in Barcelona. The customs papers are completed and declared with all details. Now it’s a thumbs up that the books arrive in Somoto and the children will soon hold them in their hands.

The costs

We want to show transparency about the donations and show you where the funds are used in the project. The following contributions to the book project have so far been made by the online donations:

  • 67 books: 134 €
  • Transportation (15 kg package): 153 €

As you can see, the shipping is more expensive than the books themselves. And this was still a relatively cheap option. On Packlink we had the possibility to compare the different providers.

What are the next steps?

From the 8th of March I will be in Somoto and see how the other donations can be used. We will not lose sight of the following objectives of our organisation:

  • Family life of women and children without violence.
  • Clear communication and conflict resolution.
  • An improvement in diet, health and hygiene.

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