Letting go



It starts soon. Then my plane goes to another country. Until then I have time to devote myself to my things, to organize them and to give friends, acquaintances, needy and refugees. The more I deal with it, the more difficult it is to me.

My couch, on which I sleep for months. My books, which gave me so many ideas and my CDs, which have accompanied me for many years.

Will I miss all this and for what I give it up?

I want to feel the freedom and enjoy to the fullest. I want to get away from all that keeps me here. Loosen my chains and pull them into the distance without ballast.

When I announced a few days ago (job, apartment, insurance …), I realized for the first time that the security is more and more lost. The feeling to know that you will soon no longer live in the usual environment and goes on a great adventure whose journey and end is open. But times quite seriously, is not that cool? Man, when I think about it and write here, I am so keen on the fact that I feel a fat grin on my cheeks. I fall right into the anticipation of the freedom I miss so super crass. I am aware of a lot when I think about what I have had in recent years, which has not given me much. Yes, I have everything. A job in which I earn well, a life insurance and a building savings contract to secure the future, an apartment that I have been referring to for almost three years and the security that results from it.

What exactly is security actually?

Do I feel safer because I have an apartment where I can return at any time and I feel safer because I go to an office every day where I do an activity that does not satisfy me?

I think the answer is obvious.

Sure, the everyday life is secured and I can not happen much. But what is the satisfaction you no longer feel because you are doing a job that does not correspond to your life ideology or your conscience, you work out for your vacation or retirement every year, and you ignore your private life. This is not important to you? Congratulations, then you are in the right place and in real life. You do not have to change anything to keep everything as it is.

But what if the meaning in your job, in your everyday life, and your general satisfaction in life are of great importance to you, and you can not imagine spending the one-sided cage up to your life? You see no way out and it’s like you’re caught in a big black hole without a glimpse of the light. It was the same to me. Every day the same game, the same way, the same problems. You feel like you are in the hamster wheel and you see no escape. I almost made the leap. In freedom, in my life.

I will tell you on my blog how it is to jump out of the hamster wheel and put a big somersault. How to get rid of thoughts and let go of things without losing them. How you regain your freedom and satisfaction with which you were born, and you need no more than you and some courage.

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