About me


anne niehof nicaragua

That’s me. I love people, foreign cultures, different thinking, playing on keyboards and the colourful journey which moves me forward.

For 8 years I was working as a personal assistant in offices and have kept up my freedom with small heart projects.

Today, I have the freedom and travel through the world. I write, work mostly as a ghostwriter on the road, and blog on topics that are in line with my heart.

During my travels I found to yoga and meditation. If I don’t spend my time on the yoga mat, I spend it with writing stories, hugging friends, reading inspiring books or listening to the sounds of birds and monkeys.

I am so thankful for my creative hands. My first story, which I remember, I wrote at the age of 11 on a typewriter (maybe one day I will publish it here on my blog). In 2013, I started my first blog about Green Smoothies.

With happy12 I’d love to show you that life is not always leading you where you planned to go. You have to discover new paths to find your own. Each path is unique in its own way. As long as you live your life with your heart, there is nothing to fear.

My vision is to identify myself with my work, the truth of this lifetime and my deep inner vocation.

How does it work? This is exactly what I want to find out! Follow me and get my updates via e-mail.

You want to know more about my path or do you have any questions? Then send a message to: contact@happy12.de.