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In the last few months, I was asked more and more often: “Anne, what do you actually do?” Yes, what am I doing for a life? It is obvious that I travel. I have been traveling for over 15 months now. 15 months with a backpack through Central America. “Man, […]

Travel remotely and work online

Since I am traveling, I always meet people who tell me that they eat vegetarian or vegan. They come from all over the world. For Germany alone, the figure is estimated to be 1.2 million vegans (not that I have met them all). For 3 years and 4 months I eat vegan now. […]

5 reasons to go vegan

Although Panama was not one of the destinations that I had set before my trip, I am currently sitting right in the middle of it. I found a place hidden between the small town of Boquete and the second largest city in Panama, David. And here I’m sitting now at […]

Where I feel at home