Apartment and job terminated, contracts canceled and the backpack already mentally packed. It goes on a journey. Away from mass consumption and a society that is behind the times.

We have a lot, want more and more, want to be better and faster. Until we have reached our limits. But even then we do not stop. We shoot over the target and are suddenly in the dark. We cover the darkness with further consumption.

When I came out of the office late in the summer of 2015, my head stopped working. A short time later I found myself in the shopping center. A purchase for 150 €. Just because. Because I needed it. I did not need the clothes I bought. They were a symbol of my dissatisfaction and the compensation of oppressed states of feeling.

The clothes brought me the sense of happiness for a short time. Two days later it was forgotten. The feeling of happiness and the clothes that lay unused in my closet.

Minimalism in the wardrobe

When I open my wardrobe and see how many pants, sweaters and shirts I own, I feel funny. Even more funny when I see the price tag hanging on a dress. It is not included in the card “refugees”. It’s a colorful dress that I had bought in London in the spring. The seller had persuaded me, gave me a good price. Since then it hung in the closet.

Today my cupboard is empty. He is ready for sale and is looking forward to a new face that illuminates him in the morning. The clothes, old and new, packed in cardboard boxes and bags. For people who need it.

I have decided on a minimalist, simple life. Without much money, without the great luxury and without unused clothes in the closet. It is a good feeling to drop ballast and look forward without load. Pure minimalism. Full freedom.

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