My volunteer work in Nicaragua (part I)



When I saw the job vacancies for volunteer work in Nicaragua in October, I did not hesitate and sent out my application. Well, maybe I hesitated for a second, but only because it was the plan to spend the next months in South America.

Because the project sounded really great, I could not help but send my application late in the evening. 2 weeks later came the answer and an invitation to get to know each other.

The Organisation “Amigos e.V.”

Somoto is one of the poorest cities in Nicaragua. There, the project and thus the association “Amigos e.V.” founded. The goal was to support families on the ground with a nutritional project. Currently, the German Association counts 12 members as well as many donors. After 13 years, in 2009, the project was transferred to the municipality of La Playa. However, the concept has remained the same. Through the voluntary help of the members of the association, it is guaranteed that every donation amount in the project arrives – 100%!

Since the association is independent of the government and thus does not receive any state financial support, Amigos e.V. is dependent on donations. Through flea markets, charity concerts or online promotions the club and the great project in La Playa are made aware and donations are collected.

The Project “ProNut” & my volunteer work 

Every day, from Monday to Friday, about 40 children from the region come to the establishment, founded by the Amigos almost 20 years ago. There they get a hot meal and can eat and play together. They are cared for by two social workers, who also look after the women and mothers of the children and their families. In the kitchen the mothers of the children prepare lunch. Amigos e.V. supported by financing the food and the salary of the two project managers on the spot. The main tasks of the two women are:

  • Promoting self-organization of mothers
  • Regular control of the health and weight of the children
  • Implementation of a balanced dietary plan

Many mothers are placed on their own and sometimes even experience domestic violence. A social worker directs self-help groups to help mothers talk about their problems (talking about the problems is a big challenge) and strengthen them in everyday life. In addition, there are training courses on hygiene, health and nutrition.

What makes the project so special

The project represents a great dream for me personally. Not only do I always like to work with children, I also love the Spanish language and Latin culture. Since this project is mainly about the nutrition of the family, I was quickly convinced that I had to take the chance after my training as nutritionist.

The project combines not only the care and care of the families, but also two countries and cultures. It can not be any different and it is all the more beautiful to see that we can make something so great out of Europe in another part of the world. With a small donation or just a little time.

For me it is on the 7th of March and I stay full 3 months in La Playa / Somoto for the voluntary service on site. From there I will tell you what happened to me, how I and the families are, and what goals we can achieve together.

Our goals in Nicaragua

  • The biggest goal is to provide children with a warm meal every day. Last year it was happening that there was not enough money, so that no food could be spent on Fridays. So far we will not let it come.
  • There is neither electricity nor a wash / toilet facility in the facility itself. We would therefore like to build a latrine and give children and women the opportunity to feel free.
  • We would like to enable the children to develop after school and to let their interests run free. A small library is being built. Through an online donation campaign donations have already been collected for the achievement of this project goal and now it is about sending the books to Somoto.

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