Vegan travelling


As you may know, I like traveling. So squatting in one place is not really what for me. Maybe it’s the same to you.

The world must move. And if she does not, I’ll do it.

Sure, I also enjoy the days that I can spend in peace with my parents (as up-to-date), but I’m going back to the distance.

Vegan Travelling

When you are on the road, you have to eat. Is clear. Since I decided 2 years ago to live vegan, so needs something vegetable.

In the meantime, it is easy to get down to vegetable food if you are not at home. At least my experience shows this. No matter whether in Berlin, Barcelona or in the middle of the Pampa.

Ask vegan options in restaurants and bars if you can not find anything on the map. I have the experience that I can get direct contact with the cook and explain to him what is going on and what is not. At the table I was often envied by my fellow travelers by the delicious dish. In many cases it is not the standard 0815 dish that is served to you. Often, the chefs really think of something great, which tastes great! Of course, you also have cooks serving you a salad. But also that is okay.

So there is always something you will find on the road.

And if not?

All right. If you are a small control freak like me and want to be safe, put a few bars and nuts in your pocket. What is the best way to go back?

I’ll tell you!

Granola bars

They keep fit, are full and take up little space in the backpack! The following bars are vegan and even raw.

Through all three providers I have tested along and can recommend it to you absolutely! My favorite is the gingerbread of Raw Bite. Intensive taste guaranteed. But watch out – you will not get enough of it!

Nuts & dried fruits

What we need on the way for longer tours is endurance and nerve feeding. What is better than nuts and dried fruits? They are small, handy and also satisfy the greatest hunger (for a certain time).

How many times have they saved me from long flights at the airport or on the plane? In addition, they stay really long in their luggage and you can quickly get them in an emergency.

In Germany you will find now at each corner a DM market or health food store. Here you will find nuts, almonds, cashew nuts and all other dried fruits in organic quality. You can also find the nervous system in any normal supermarket or on open markets worldwide – usually much cheaper and without long transport distances.

 My tip for you: Take unsalted dry fruits! Salted make thirsty!


Superfoods are the absolute madness! Very seriously. Gojibeeren and Chia seeds always find their place in my backpack. Even on my trip to Nicaragua they can not be missed!

Superfoods contain many nutrients and vitamins, which hardly contains any other food in such a large amount on such a low density.

What is superfood?

  • Acai
  • Chia Samen
  • Gojibeeren
  • Gerstengras
  • Matcha
  • Moringa
  • Weizengras

Apart from Chia seeds and Goji berries, which you can store well in your luggage, there are matcha, moringa and co. Often only in powder form to buy. You can easily mix the powder with water or add a smoothie.

As you can see, there is a wide range of herbal foods that will accompany you on your travels. Vegan traveling is not so difficult at all.

You can also make bars by yourself, based on dried fruits. There are innumerable instructions in the network, e.g. For bars of dates and almonds. This means, of course, more time, but more money is left in your pocket. 😉

Do you have vegan foods that are indispensable for you on your travels? Then let me know!


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