Vegan in Nicaragua


Since I am in Nicaragua, I am more than happy that I do not eat meat or milk products. If I see the meat here, I will be different. In Germany the meat looks different. It is cooked better. The Germans simply know how to sell something. In Nicaragua it is different – like so many others.

It does not pay attention to what looks and whether it has muck. Roughly said: Everything has here Macken. But, you know what? It does not bother anyone. If one sold the fruit in Germany, which one finds here in the markets, each one of us would go through. You would not buy it. Somehow strange. The fruit tastes really good! They just get fresh from the plantations and are not yet polished and stored in tankers for weeks.

Vegan in Nicaragua

That I renounce milk and meat products pays off. My skin is super good and I have to give up on nothing. In my hostel vegetarian / vegan is cooked and when I am on the road, I get fruits and smoothies. When I eat out, there are vegetables with rice. That always works.

It is also an advantage if you like rice and beans as a vegan. The famous Gallo Pinto is everywhere. It is a Tyrolese court in Nicaragua and is eaten at any time of the day. The plate consists of rice, onions and red beans and is something of vegan!

Smoothies in Nicaragua

My Smoothie on Corn Islands

I get fruits from the market, I find spinach in the garden and smoothies are available in almost every bar. Nicaragua is really rich in fruits and there is little money to buy at every corner. A pineapple costs 50 cents and an avocado 62 cents. No comparison to Europe!

If you do not find a smoothie, just bring the fruits into the bar and ask if they can make you a smoothie. So I did it on Corn Islands. Fortunately there are the so-called “Batidos” in almost every bar.

In the hostel in Somoto there is a mixer, which I often take. Smoothies with banana, pineapple and mango are the hammer! Sometimes I mix a few leaves of spinach and ginger with pure.


vegan in nicaragua

Breakfast in León

So I eat a lot of vegetables, drink smoothies, travel through Nicaragua, do some sports and spend a lot of time writing and reading. So that’s exactly what I’ve longed for months.

Recently I was in Estelí. A town south of Somoto in about an hour. We have found a sweet café there – the Café Luz, which has its profit in regional social projects. And besides, the café offers not only smoothies, but also super delicious food – much of it vegan!

Vegan in Nicaragua is therefore nothing new and it is becoming more and more.


As you can prepare for your trip to Nicaragua, I tell you in 5 steps:

#1 Alway have a bottle of water with you

You will be on the bus for a long time, or in places where there is nothing to buy. In Nicaragua it is hot and you will be happy when you have water with you! Besides, you’ll sweat what the stuff holds. So it is important to drink a lot so you do not dry out like Spongebob.

#2 Pack your own food

Pack fruit, a cereal or nuts. They help you to hold on to longer bus tours, without your guts making a dash for you, and for hours with your thoughts on food. This can be really annoying, especially if you have an 8-hour tour before you. In the bus, I let my thoughts run wild and do not have to stop me with other things. That feels good!

#3 Ask for vegan options

You will not find any vegan dishes in restaurants? Ask the waiter if the cook can prepare a plate or leave the cheese on the pasta. Most of the time this is no problem. I have always been vegan / vegetarian. Ask about what’s vegan from the menu if you’re not sure.

#4 Buy your food at the supermarket

It is not only cheaper, you also know what you eat. In most hostels there is a kitchen that you can use. Instead of hanging out with beer and sandwich in the lounge, you can spend more time with friends in the kitchen. It loosens the atmosphere and you gain new friends at the same time.

#5 Get vitamins for the journey

You’re afraid you do not have enough vitamins? I felt the same before my departure. A very simple trick: Get vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin B12, magnesium, calcium) online and always have something in your pocket. Make sure that the products are vegan.

Any questions left? Send me a message or leave a comment! 🙂

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