Travelling in Nicaragua – Corn Island


Actually, I am in Nicaragua to work and not to travel a lot. But when I was told that the project was closed at the “Semana Santa” (the “holy week” before Easter), I grabbed my Spanish girlfriend, whom I met in the hostel and we sat down at a table for brainstorming .

Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We wanted to go everywhere.

Finally, we decided to stay in the country. We wanted to go to the Corn Islands. If one reads through reports, the two islands must be super beautiful. So the tickets were booked and only a few days later it started!

Day 1-3: Somoto-Managua-Matagalpa

Early in the morning we go to the stop, where the bus is to pick us up. We are excited and look forward to the adventure! From the station it will be four hours in the capital Managua.

After two minutes at the stop two girls come with their little sister and chatted us. As usual. Many girls here are open and speak to the foreigners. They are educated by their parents to work early or to explain the way to tourists, and then to get a thank you. It is sad but true. There is no other option. There is nothing else. The two girls inform us about the bus times and we joke, shoot photos and laugh. There comes the bus round the curve! We pack our backpacks, say goodbye to the children and stop the bus. On the bus I noticed that one of the children still holds my sunglasses in my hand.

Urlaub in Nicaragua

The girls with my sun glass 😉

Urlaub in Nicaragua

Our books for the kids in Somoto








In Managua it is directly on the search for the customs and books for the children in Somoto. Here we spend four hours until we finally continue with friends, a small family from Costa Rica, continue to Matagalpa. There we spend two days with them, learning the family and friends next to Selva Negra and the cozy village life, which can be dangerous at night.

Our accommodation with the friends looks sparse. This is quite normal for Nicaraguas village life. A house of concrete with corrugated metal roof. Three rooms. Not painted. Everything was bare and dark. In the smallest room is a bed without slatted frame, without suspension. We sleep in it. The family sleeps on an inflatable bed in the living room. The lady taking care of the house and her family sleep in the room next door.

There is a latrine in the garden. A plumbing toilet, as one would say in the German country. My friend will not use it. It reminds me of the camp. Especially the washing myself early in the morning. I shuffle the dogs asleep and keep my head under the bucket of cold water. For breakfast there is coffee and for the shower we go to the family in another village. There we read a cousin and take him to Selva Negra, where a huge breakfast awaits us!

Selva Negra Nicaragua

Selva Negra

Papagei in Matagalpa

Loro in Matagalpa








Day 4-5: Matagalpa-León-Managua

At 6.20 the next day the bus goes to León. The Malinche Hostel, where we stay one night, makes us a super delicious breakfast with smoothies upon arrival and provides us with everything we need. A decent bath for my girlfriend, dear hosts and guests and a huge room. We are happy and look around the city. At noon we meet with friends and go to the beach. There we spend the whole day and go pasta dinner.

Frühstück im Malinche Hostel

Vegan breakfast at Malinche Hostel

Aufenthaltsraum im Hostel

Living room in Hostel








The next morning we set off early again. We take the bus to Managua and stay there one night with a young man who accommodates a hostel. Since one night costs only $ 5, we are going to catch up. Why is it so cheap, we see when we enter the rooms. In the kitchen there was recently a fire, from the ground I would not even eat for a hundred euros and the bathroom has not seen a sponge ever since. Well, one night, we think. We are already out. What makes our survival easier: the hammock in the garden. We unfortunately do not sleep there. For us two is a single bed provided.

In the afternoon, we look around the area, sit down in a cafe and enjoy the freedom to decide what to do next. We plan to cook. Finally, Francisco, the hostel owner, has organized a new stove for the kitchen. We carry the vegetables home and sniff everything in the kitchen small. When we switch on the stove, we notice that it does not work. A gas cable is missing. So we are waiting for Francisco and improvise in the meantime a gazpacho. A little later, Francisco is standing with the cable in the door and we can get started.

When we want to go to bed, the bulls heat up in our room. We push all the fans, which can find like, in front of the bed edge and try to sleep.

Unser Garten in Managua

The garden in Managua

Stadtführer Managua

Our smoothies in Managua








Day 6-9: Corn Islands-Managua-Somoto

With tired eyes we sit at 6 am in the morning and wait for the machine. An aircraft that allows 46 people and measures 23 meters. Let him take us to the Corn Islands. He does. As usual a taxi takes us to our destination. The Tropical Dreams Hotel.

The hotel has it in itself. I’ll make it short. On arrival, the hotel owner is super friendly, welcomes us warmly and explains everything, among other things, that we can use the kitchen. The next day he forbids us to use the kitchen. He even forbids me to enter. I have to ask him or his wife for everything I need from the kitchen.

Why did it happen? After an hour on the island, I took my leave. I have probably caught a virus. Limb pain, fever, nausea, headache, throat problems. Everything is there. There are the same symptoms as with norovirus. Not only I seem to have a problem, but also the hotel owner. The lady comes to my room late in the evening and yells at me to go to the hospital. On the following day, she avoided me. The other hotel guests inquire very kindly after me. After 24 hours I feel so good that I can get up and walk a few meters. Much is not yet in it.

In the end it is not economically so tragic that I stay in bed and get no bite. The island imports almost all products and is therefore extremely expensive. There is hardly any fruit and you have to look around as a vegetarian.

The inhabitants are in need of habituation. They do not talk and laugh much. We spoke with several tourists, who also noticed this. It is strange.

The beaches in return are beautiful and worth seeing! Since the island is small, two days are enough. I would not stay here longer. We do not visit Little Corn Island, although it is on the list. We are told that there are also beautiful beaches, but the island is tiny and you only need a couple of hours to visit them.

Back from the Corn Islands to the mainland it goes with a small plane of 11 meters and 12 people. The flight was a highlight! Do not be surprised if you are standing there at the airport and they suddenly want to weigh you. It just means you’ll be sitting in the smaller machine. 😉

Now I am back in Somoto and happy that I am here. I’ll be laughing and laughing a lot over the next few days.Big

Unser Flieger auf die Corn Islands

The plane to Corn Islands

Corn Islands

Big Corn Islands

Corn Islands

Big Corn Islands

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