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In the last few months, I was asked more and more often: “Anne, what do you actually do?”

Yes, what am I doing for a life?

It is obvious that I travel. I have been traveling for over 15 months now.

15 months with a backpack through Central America. “Man, that’s a long time!”, you may think.

For me, it feels like a trip that started yesterday.

But back to the question, what I really do.

How does my day look and how do I finance my trip, which has been going on for more than one year now? Do I have a routine while traveling? After all, we humans stick to our habits and there is a well organized routine – or not?


Remote working

I have always dreamed of traveling in tropical countries. During my time as an employee I was restricted to 30 days of holidays a year. Before I could start, I had to talk with my boss and colleagues and ask for “permission”.

Today things look different. I have been traveling in Central America since March 2016 and have the opportunity to change the country like my underwear. Of course I don’t do so  😉 I have become accustomed to travel slowly and spend several weeks to months in a country. In this way, I get to know the culture and people better and can even participate in social projects with kids.

And while I live among palm trees and collect new experiences, I work. It is called digital work nowadays. I am a copywriter, ghostwriter and author. I write and earn my money with writing.

It’s that simple. 🙂

The long 48 hours weeks are over and I work no more than 4 hours a day. Now I have time for myself, others and social projects. All this has always been so important to me!

Freedom through online work

When I quit my job and apartment, I experienced a pure feeling. From joy to tears, I faced my doubts and fears. I had just quit my job and had nothing new planned. Pretty risky for a German 😉

Friends and family asked me a lot about my plans which didn’t exist. How would I finance my trip and what would happen after that? Besides, what about pension? My answer to all these questions was: I see it when time comes.

I’ve learned to trust everything is going to be good.

In the first few weeks of my trip there was just pure freedom in front of me. I did not want to know anything about work. At least for the first few weeks. But then I had to face reality. In the end,  I had to finance my travels somehow.

My first online job was creating an excel sheet for accounting. This of course did not bring me the big fortune, but it was something. I finally had a goal in mind: traveling.

On the internet you’ll find numerous job offers from which you can choose.

Writing is not something for everyone and should be considered well. An attempt is however definitely worth it. Meanwhile, I have several friends who try it out!

My routine

Depending on where I am, I have a certain routine. It is important for me that my day begins with a yoga meditation and ends with a positive thought. How does that look like exactly?

I start my day quite early. Here in Central America (currently: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica) I start the day at 5 o’clock. For an hour I do yoga and meditate. Then I sit with a green tea at my laptop and work for a few hours. Mostly, I am the first in the hostel, which is awake at this time. I love that!

After a healthy breakfast, I usually go to the beach, take a bike ride or simply explore the area. The evening hours always look quite different. The only ritual here is to eat some healthy food before it goes to bed by 10pm at the latest. Yes, who would have thought … but here in Costa Rica you can go with its organic rhythm! 🙂

The most important part is to let go

Sometimes you just have to let go. Easier said than done … I know! I, too, had no idea what would happen to me when I made my way to Nicaragua.

But that’s what life is all about: just letting go and trusting in life.

It does not always have to be the standard 0815 program. You do not have to do anybody’s favor and do the stressful job just to pay your bills. I thought that too. But at the same time I felt that something was wrong.

Of course, it is convenient to carry out a secure job, to deposit into the pension system and to make yourself comfortable in the evening watching TV. For one or the other, this may be exactly the right model. But I never resigned myself to it.

For me something was missing. For you too?

Search for your enthusiasm!

Do you have any questions about online work? I am looking forward to your comment or an e-mail!

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