This was my year: 2016


Each of us spent 366 days this year. Perhaps these days have occurred to you like a roller coaster ride, as it was quite turbulent. For others it might be like a ride across the highway. The days have flown too fast again, and you now ask yourself where the time has gone, which you actually wanted to spend with new projects, travels or simply your family but in the end didn’t have the time for it.

Others, on the other hand, look back on the year and think: Oh, how beautiful it was! Hopefully you too!

My year 2016

When I look back on the past 12 months, I see a huge change that took place in my life. At the beginning of 2016, I gave away my furniture, clothing and other personal things. I went with my backpack on a trip to Nicaragua. Over there, I did not only learn a lot about foreign cultures, but also about me. I’ve learned to live with very little and to accept that I can not always buy what my ego wants. In the end, this was the best time in the whole year.

Every time I spend a few weeks in Germany (as I currently do), I realize that we have a lot – too much. We can be lucky that we can always buy something to eat when we are hungry. Also…

… if we’re too cold, we’ll buy a jacket for a few euros.

… if we are bored, we switch on the TV or go shopping.

… when we feel lonely, we tell friends.

… if we don’t have work, we get money from the state.

… when we are sick, we can go to the doctor.

In short, we have everything we need! But yet many of us still do not get enough.

Life is a bar of chocolate

One question I always ask myself is this one: What is it that makes us happy? Why can’t we get enough of what we have? Why can’t we just sit back and say: Thank you for having everything I need in life?

I tell you, that it’s the combination of everything. We neither can live with too little nor with too much. We need a balance.

Life is like a bar of chocolate.

If you eat too much of it, you will have a guilty conscience. You know it’s going to be seen on your hips. But if you do not eat anything, your thoughts will circle around the chocolate all day. The solution: Take a piece and be happy – and thankful!

Gratitude is often forgotten. How often in the day do you thank yourself for being healthy, that you are surrounded by loving people and having a great job? Be grateful for it – every single day!

Happy in Spanish

In Nicaragua I learned, among other things, that satisfaction is not related to what you have. You can own a large house with many rooms and furniture and will still not be happy. As long as the rooms are empty, you remain unhappy.

Many people are not aware of this and are desperate to fill this gap with expensive cars or other frills – which they do not need at all!

On my travels through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama I have seen how the locals live. It is not much. Every day I think of people in Nicaragua who drink ground water and wash their clothes in the river. We just need to open the washing machine, press a button and sit back with a coffee in our favorite armchair while we wait until our laundry is ready.

Happy in Spanish means “feliz”. Recently I was asked by a roommate in the hostel whether I was “feliz”. It was early in the morning and I just went to the garden with my tea to write on my book and I still thought about the question: What makes me happy?

A few weeks later the question came to my head again. Suddenly, I realized that happiness is not just a feeling for a particular moment.

I have expressed my happiness over the last few months. The language is irrelevant. Spanish, English or German – happiness and gratitude can always be expressed! I am happy and grateful that I am healthy, able to get to know new people every day and determine my own path.

Enjoy life and be happy

Being happy means you are satisfied with your life. It means that you are satisfied with yourself, your life setting and the environment. Simply put, you are in the flow with everything. I had this feeling in 2016 as often as never before. For me it means that I am on a good way – to my happiness. I don’t have to pressure things or force anything.

When something is in a flow, it’s going easy. You’ll feel it!

You have the power over your life. Your life is in your hands at all time.

Therefore, it is up to you how your life goes out. What do you want to see in 5, 10 or 20 years, when you look back?

Have you fulfilled your dreams or are you still waiting for them? I can tell you, do not wait!

Fulfill your dreams today!

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