Recharging our batteries


If I did not like a saying in office day at all, it is the following:

“I have to recharge my batteries.”

The sentence has often made me think. What exactly do people mean when they say they need two weeks of vacation to recharge their batteries? Is life truly for us to sacrifice ourselves for a job and the career and to use the few holidays a year for the recharge of our life energy?

How often do we hear of people who are sick in bed on the first day of leave? You could see it as a sign that the body is exhausted. So the sentence makes sense.

The batteries are empty, sick and broken. They must be repaired and recharged. Only we often forget the repair here. We take care of the charging and as soon as the batteries are full, it goes on. Until the next vacation.

The fulfilment in our jobs

We work from morning to night in a job that does not meet us. The only thing he fills is our account. The account does not last long because we consume and compensate. It was the same with me. We are looking for a balance to everyday life, stress and the trap in which we are caught.

Do you know that? I am sure that you can do it or – then you have made the way out – it you at least went as well.

Are we really aware that we are working all our lives to achieve only one goal – the pension. And then the pension is there, we are 67 years old and our bones fragile. We have hardly any drive and perhaps we still see a reason to continue to put the money aside. You never know. There could be something else.

If I imagine I have to do a job for the next 38 years, which I do not like and which robs me of life energy every day, I feel funny. I am happy that I have made the decision to turn the switch around and do something that satisfies me.

You think this is not possible in your case?

Okay, I’ll let you have the thought. In any case, I am convinced that each of us is created for something and that each one of us can find his calling when actively seeking it. But not everyone has the courage to go that step. If you belong to these people, put yourself comfortably back in your chair and let your dreams pass by. But if you feel the inner urge in you and you have ignored your inner voice for a long time, then get a pen and write your dreams and goals! Let your inner voice speak!

Our dreams

Before, I always had the desire to make all my retirement what I would not do during working hours. Write a book, travel to South America and much more. But seriously. Why should I wait so long? And why should you wait for your dreams to come true?

And what if we fail?

This question I ask myself again and again. But it does not last long. Because I’m sure I’m on the right track. No matter where he leads me, I know it’s worth not to look backwards, but to face the future with a smile on his face. And that’s exactly what you can do!

Think not of what was, but to what is and will come.

The Why Café

The book “The Why Café” by John Strelecky laid the sand on my way, which led me to a new beginning.

It is a short story about a man who is full of anticipation for a few days of recovery on the highway, gets into a traffic jam and has to take a detour. This leads him to a café, where important questions about his life are asked.

No matter how old you are and how long you are looking for the meaning of your life, the book will be of great help to you. But be careful: it seduces you to read it in one move. 😉

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