TeilenSince I am in Nicaragua, I am more than happy that I do not eat meat or milk products. If I see the meat here, I will be different. In Germany the meat looks different. It is cooked better. The Germans simply know how to sell something. In Nicaragua it […]

Vegan in Nicaragua

Teilen  When I started to write about Somoto and my volunteering, I realized that it is not so easy to put everything in a text. Alone in the first two weeks has already happened so much! I have tried it and hope to give you a little insight into my […]

My volunteer work in Nicaragua (part II)

TeilenActually, I am in Nicaragua to work and not to travel a lot. But when I was told that the project was closed at the “Semana Santa” (the “holy week” before Easter), I grabbed my Spanish girlfriend, whom I met in the hostel and we sat down at a table […]

Travelling in Nicaragua – Corn Island

Teilen There are everyday things that make us happy. I mean really happy. Not the feeling we can buy on the fast, as through a new t-shirt or a pair of shoes. This is too simple. Just as easily, the happiness disappears two days later. We see, buy, consume and […]

12 tips how to live a happy life

Teilen  From Madrid on Monday at 10:40 am to Atlanta. I was lucky, because the place next to me remained free. So I had an arm length free for my legs. 😉 Why a flight from Madrid? It is one of the cheapest ways to fly from Madrid. The flight […]

My trip to Nicaragua

Teilen  Everyone who knows me knows how big my love for Spain and especially Barcelona is. So I wanted to spend a few days in the Spanish sun before I went to Nicaragua. Oh, how I missed that! As soon as the plane lands and I take the first steps […]

4 days in Barcelona

TeilenIf I did not like a saying in office day at all, it is the following: “I have to recharge my batteries.” The sentence has often made me think. What exactly do people mean when they say they need two weeks of vacation to recharge their batteries? Is life truly […]

Recharging our batteries

TeilenFor the internship in Nicaragua, I had thought about something for the children beforehand. Actually, it was Nora and me. Nora is from Berlin and spent the last year 3 months in La Playa (Somoto). Through the organization Amigos e.V. I was in touch with the members and others volunteers. Both Nora and I thought […]

Nicaragua: Books for Somoto

TeilenAs you may know, I like traveling. So squatting in one place is not really what for me. Maybe it’s the same to you. The world must move. And if she does not, I’ll do it. Sure, I also enjoy the days that I can spend in peace with my […]

Vegan travelling