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TeilenImagine, you are standing in front of a barrier. This barrier only opens when you answer certain questions. We have to face such barriers almost daily in our lives. It can be the response to the results you have been waiting for or the approval of a visa application. Whoever sets such […]

Why you should face the changes in your life

glückliches leben
TeilenThere are many things in life that make us happier people. On a rainy Sunday, we may get surprised with a delicious cake from a friend. After only one piece of the cake, we regain our smile. You can share this cake with the whole community around you. But how? How can […]

10 steps for a happy life

Mein Leben ändern
TeilenIt’s easy to say that we should make the best out of our lives. After a long search (which is not over yet), I found something for my life: Use every day to make a good decision! Everyone is able to do something good each day. Also you can do something good today! […]

66 things that will change your life

Mitgefühl zeigen
TeilenWhen I had breakfast with a girlfriend in one of my favorite cafes a week ago, I discovered in the library a book whose title fascinated me: “Chain reaction” (chain reaction). The book is about how we show more compassion in everyday life. The story is about 17-year-old Rachel Scott, […]

Chain Reaction – Rachel Scott

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TeilenBack in Germany, I had the chance to review my last months. This time has changed a lot in my life, without me having a great influence on it. From a three-month voluntary service in poor Nicaragua back to the rich European life. One may think that this is a cultural shock. I can […]

How you can change your life

33 Fragen zum Glück
TeilenAs fate (or Google) likes it, I recently read an interesting blog post on Lena’s blog family4travel. Lena answers 33 questions about the happiness that Florian Langenscheidt presents to his readers in his book “Find Your Happiness”. You can read the book here and order it online. But before you […]

33 Questions for more Happiness in Life

TeilenIn 3 months I’m about to turn 30. If you trust the latest research results, I am currently in a difficult life phase, the so-called Quarter-Life-Crisis. One-third of all persons aged between 25 and 35 feel depressed, exhausted and look for the meaning of life. I can only tell myself and say […]

How to become a happier person

TeilenIt has been somewhat quiet on my blog in recent weeks. This is not just a reason. It all came unexpected. How it is in life. The unexpected always brings something good with it. It turns your life in a direction from which you will look at it from a […]

This is why I don’t like to travel alone

Corn Islands
TeilenThe people of Nicaragua live differently than in Europe. One might think that life in Nicaragua is easier for people. In a certain way this is also true. If one learns the families and their problems but first know, one knows that life is anything but easy. Life in Nicaragua […]

How is life in Nicaragua?