Our inner voice


There are no more 8 weeks, then it goes for me south. Wow, now it’s faster than expected. The last few weeks in Germany have begun and Nicaragua is felt close. Get into a new adventure without big commitments in a new unknown country.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the past holidays. What makes me think about the idea of quitting my apartment and job, leaving my friends and going to a new country without spending a lot of money without knowing what awaits me there? I have only one answer: my inner voice.

My inner voice tells me when I’m on the right track. Although I have no idea if it is true, but as long as it feels good and I do not have to adjust, I go on. For too long, I have suppressed the voice. She could have faced me with a Megaphone and it would have brought nothing. Meanwhile I see it so that I had to make the experiences that I have experienced in this time. They might not be a good one, but I think a lot about it, and I know I’m learning from my mistakes. This is the positive thing at such times.

Maybe you know the following situation yes. You were invited to two parties for the same day and you know you should go to the party of your best friend, but on the other party is your big swarm. Even your feeling tells you that you should go to the party of your girlfriend and you still go to the party, where your guy dances. Apart from the stress with your girlfriend, which is pre-programmed, you have a funny feeling. Regardless of whether the evening is worthwhile for you and your dream types at this moment, your girlfriend will always have the impression that she is not important to you. And that is exactly what your feeling has betrayed before. Your inner voice. Your intuition. If you have the intuition and appreciate it, then be proud of yourself. Not everyone knows how to use them. I did not know it for a long time and I ignored the voice and found myself again and again in situations where I did not know. For the moment, your decision may be just right for you, but in the long run it will not take you further if you have acted against your feeling.

It is worth living, which I learned from time without voice. Time shows me that I have to go my own way and listen to my voice. Life value is the time I have now and the moments I could enjoy in the last few weeks. Finally I can enjoy again every day, take me time for friends and for me. I hear my inner voice and let them speak. Recently she told me that I should break out of my present life. So I do this – quite in the sense of my intuition 🙂

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