nicaragua 2017

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the world.

In the list of the poorest countries in Latin America, Nicaragua is second.

Since 2010, Haiti has been the top priority due to the earthquake.

What attracts me to Nicaragua?

Good question!

Maybe it is the love (not only to the country ;-)), the nice people and the climate.

I can not find an answer and yet something gets me back to the small country between Costa Rica and Honduras.

As I said, Nicaragua does not belong to the rich countries, at least economically. From a cultural point of view, Nicaragua has a lot to offer.

19 active volcanoes and 21% of the country is nature reserve.

How long have I been traveling?

My journey started in March 2016 from Düsseldorf via Madrid to Managua.

After working as a personal assistant in Düsseldorf for 8 years, I finally had enough.

I wanted to make my dream come true and travel.

The plan was to travel through South America. But why Nicaragua?

After such a long time in the office, I wanted to do something good and return it to the world.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about …

After a short time I found a project I wanted to support – in Nicaragua. But actually South America was my plan!

I decided that the trip through South America could still wait a little bit.

And so I we traveled to Nicaragua.

A country where the life expectancy of a woman is 77 years.

What to do in Nicaragua

Surfers and yogis will find fun and peace over here.

But also if you don’t surf waves or yoga mats, you can enjoy delicious food, fantastic beaches and nice people.

The most popular places are:

  • Granada
  • San Juan del Sur
  • Ometepe
  • Masaya
  • León