My trip to Nicaragua



From Madrid on Monday at 10:40 am to Atlanta. I was lucky, because the place next to me remained free. So I had an arm length free for my legs. 😉

Why a flight from Madrid?

It is one of the cheapest ways to fly from Madrid. The flight from Düsseldorf to Barcelona cost me only 62 euros. You can find here also on Language, Culture and Climate in Nicaragua. Good, the latter was more typical of German weather with rain and 8 degrees on the day of my departure in Madrid. In Barcelona there were the days before the sun pure at 18-20 degrees.

Vegetarischer Snack von Delta ;-)

Vegetarian Snack from Delta 😉

After 10 hours we landed in Atlanta where I had 3 hours of stay until the next flight. The luggage went right through and I did not have to worry about anything. So I was promised at the airport and I trusted the lady quite relaxed. The most important thing I had anyway in hand luggage.

Atlantas Airport has a lot to offer. Since I was hungry (as there were not many vegan options in the plane) and it was after my inner clock time for dinner, I got something to eat. Then I strolled through the airport and finally had time for my mails.

Luckily! Because in my mailbox I found an email from the hostel where I would stay the night in Managua. Molly and Calvin, the owners of the hostel, asked if I would be picked up at the airport. Clear! Within a few minutes and shortly before departure I ordered a shuttle service from the airport. Brilliant!

Once in Managua, Calvin took me as promised. Not finding him right away helped me a young taxi driver who I promised I would ride with him if we could not find Calvin. After 2 minutes, Calvin stood with his shield in front of us. We just had to wait for 2 other German guests and we went! Oh, my backpack came as promised. 😉

Hostel in Managua

The Hostel “Monte Cristi” is about 2km from the airport and is located in a safe settlement. Calvin and Molly offer 8 guest rooms that can be booked online. Calvin takes care of the guests – from arrival at the airport to the next trip. Since I had to go to Somoto, he took me to the bus station the next morning.


Hostel Monte Cristi

Although Calvin has lived in Nicaragua for only 1.5 years, he knows a lot about the country and the places that must be seen. On my arrival I was equipped with a Lonely Planet and Calvin could give me valuable tips.

Molly worries about the administrative matters. For example, if you need another night in Managua, you can contact them without any problems. I booked before my journey so directly the night for my return journey in June.

The breakfast is relatively simple designed, but is definitely enough for the start in your adventure. There is cereal with milk (unfortunately there was no alternative but water always goes), bread with jam and coffee or tea. Also, you can go for $ 1 cold drinks and the water is free.

The rooms are equipped with two beds each, TV, shower and WC. There is also W-Lan for free. Only a 5 minute walk away are shops, where you can buy fruits, drinks and other.

Cost of the trip to Nicaragua

I booked the flight ticket 3.5 months before departure and at the then cheapest price. From Madrid, Delta Airlines flies over Atlanta (about 3 hours). There you have enough time, something to eat, to log in to W-lan or something to stroll.

Do not forget to fill out your ESTA form before leaving for the USA!


Flight tickets (return) Madrid-Atlanta-Managua with Delta 621,03
Eat & Drink 13,00
Hostel Monte Cristi (1 Night) 25,00
Taxi in Somoto 0,32
Total € 659,35

Overall I have to say that I have never traveled so pleasantly on a long-distance flight. No jet lag, no annoying seat neighbors. A high on Delta Airlines and my inner peace! 🙂


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