Monkeys in Costa Rica


I was taken out of the bed this morning by the calls of monkeys. Only a few minutes after I had awakened by beautiful birdsongs, the monkeys were awake. I remember when I heard monkeys howling for the first time. This was neither in a German zoo nor in Nicaragua.

It was 5 weeks ago on the other side of Costa Rica – in Puerto Viejo. I remember it so well, because I wondered what animals would howl like that. At first it sounded to me like wild dogs. And then I realized that no dogs could roar like that. They were monkeys.

There is nothing better for me than to get up with the monkeys in the morning. I sleep in an open space. There are no windows and the door is open all night. It is a wooden house and consists mostly of bamboo. At any time, animals like lizards, spiders or grasshoppers could crawl on me. But that does not bother me. I prefer it to any room with air conditioning.

For those who are planning a trip to Costa Rica and want to spend the night in nature, the Flutterby House is definitely worth a visit.

A life in the jungle

Can you imagine a life far from the city? A life without delivery service, shopping malls and traffic? Many of us dream of it and yet there are only very few who realize it. I also dream of it and currently I live it, although not every single day. That’s because I never know what awaits me in the new place I travel to. But I’m on a good path and I know I do not want to live in a city.

A life in the city means to me that I am exposed to stress. My mom always says that you get stressed out by yourself. She’s right. But if every day of your life you meet stressed people on the streets, in the supermarket and the office – how can you not be stressed? It’s no wonder that more and more people are longing for a quiet hour in the yoga studio at the end of a day.

Life in jungle is different. Here you wake up with monkeys and go to sleep with crickets. It is quiet and idyllic. In the background you can hear the sea and the gentle wind.

When the monkeys are calling

When the monkeys call, I’m awake. It means that a new day starts and I am healthy. I am grateful for that. I wake up in nature, which gives me oxygen and nightly visits of mosquitos or grasshoppers. But not just that. When the monkeys call, I’m light-hearted and know that a new adventure is expecting me.

Here in Uvita on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica it’s still quiet. In one week the Envision Festival starts. A festival that attracts thousands of hippies and yogis. Before they come, I move on. For the monkeys this is not possible. They can not just grab their backpack and say, “Hey, that’s just too much for me.”

We humans are lucky. We can decide where we go. Each of us makes the decision where and with whom we spend our lives. For me it is clear that I want to live in nature. It has always attracted me to be in nature. Therefore, it’s a completely natural behavior. I don’t need any air conditioning, no morning traffic jam or wild parties.

The nature in Costa Rica

Even as a young girl I dreamed of Costa Rica and now look – here I am! I would love to stay here as long as I can and still, something takes me moving on. The good thing is that a country does not disappear from one day to another and I can come back at any time.

What I love about Costa Rica are certainly not the prices. What I love is its nature. What I love are the huge palm trees, colorful plants and wild animals. Snakes, monkeys and crocodiles – all these animals sneak around me. And yet, I stay as long as I can.

Because neither I nor the monkeys need air conditioning.

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