Life is a journey


Life is a journey. For me, my life in the last months has been quite an exciting trip. It is a year ago that I packed my backpack and made my way to Nicaragua. Well, it is exactly 13 months ago. I wouldn’t have thought when I started my journey that I would stay longer than 3 months. Today I know that the journey will never really find an end …


Life is a journey


I still can not believe I’ve been traveling for a year now. One year ago I crossed the ocean to Nicaragua! A country I didn’t know before, and now, I love it!


However, I never turned my back to Germany and I still consider it my home. My family, friends and memories are there. And for this reason, I’m always happy when I get back home.


But I don’t feel great only on German ground. I love to be on the road and discover new land. I love to wake up at 6 am in the morning with the sun and hear wild animals sitting in the trees.


This is the reason why I feel comfortable in tropical countries. In the last months, I was also able to get to know not only Nicaragua but also Panama and Costa Rica.


I love Costa Rica! A country with no military or zoos. A country with incredibly beautiful beaches and lots of animals.


New people, new plans


In Costa Rica I spent several weeks although I had planned only a short trip. This should show us that we can not always plan how life goes.


The journey goes often into another direction than you thought of. The other travelers I met in the last months showed me that this is true.


I met great people who, like myself, went their own way. You won’t believe how open-hearted and funny people are when they are just a few weeks away from the desk and do what they want. They just follow their inner voice.


Every journey changes people and that’s why we got the life as a present. You embark on your own personal journey. Sometimes you are alone and sometimes you go the way along with others.


I am happy when I meet new people and learn more about each path.


Also, it’s so interesting to see where their journey continues.


Thanks to Facebook, we can always keep in touch. A contact by hand-written letters would be simply too complicated. 😉


What did I learn on my trips?

Through each new encounter, I learn to become more flexible. Even if I love my routines, every day has its surprise so you never know what you get.


Especially in Nicaragua, every day is simply not as I had expected. For example,  you wake up without electricity in the mornings.


What do you do without electricity?


Right. Nothing!


No electricity means the following: Low battery, no internet, no Facebook!


Nicaragua – the highlights


Even if Nicaragua looks rather small on the map, it brings great adventures with it.


Volcano boarding in Leon, surfing great waves in San Juan del Sur, exciting volcano climbing in Granada and beautiful waterfalls on the island of Ometepe – all this offers Nicaragua!


So, there are many reasons why I’m back to Nicaragua. If you want to enjoy it too, come here, and don’t wait much longer!


In contrast to Costa Rica, the country is still little traveled so it’s not that crowded yet.


Good not only for the Nicas, but also the tourists themselves, who come mainly from Europe, the USA and Canada.


San Juan del Sur


After spending the last 3 months in Germany, Costa Rica and Panama, I am now back to Nicaragua.


Close to the border to Costa Rica, you will find the tourist city of San Juan del Sur which is just a few kilometers away.


If you’re a surfer, you will love San Juan del Sur! The reason is clear: At every corner you will find a surf shop and San Juan offers beautiful beaches with big waves.


But also if you are not a surfer at all, you will surely have your fun here (I count myself in here)!


Lucky enough, San Juan del Sur offers much more than surfing!


Even if a lot of party is made here, you will also find peace. So it’s perfect for me! Yoga, meditation and vegetarian/vegan food – everything that brings peace to my soul 😉


Life is a journey and you should never stop taking the next bus. Jump in, open the window and enjoy the wind!


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