Life is a Escape Room


For a long time I played online games. They were mostly games of skill and those with which one could be hard on his head. This included the Escape Game. It tied me up next night and often a friend came by with her laptop. We played the same game parallel on our screens and gave us tips to leave the room together again.

Last week I was in a real escape room. Four of us were locked in a room that was “disguised” as an office and had to leave the room within 1 hour with the help of the hint and objects hidden in it. We were watched over cameras by a woman who gave us a microphone when we ran in the wrong direction or did not pretend.

The first Live Escape game in Germany was opened in Munich in 2013, and the first branch in Cologne was only 2 months later. There are already 153 providers with 345 Escape Rooms in 84 German cities and there are always new Escape Rooms.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the Escape Rooms here.

I spent the last days understanding the reason why the game is such a big onslaught and we are looking for something to escape from within 1 hour. In doing so, I have become aware of some parallels to our everyday life. First of all, we, you and I, live right now in an Escape Room. 🙂

Our escape in everyday life

What does an online game have to do with our everyday life and how does it affect you in action? Well, there are many situations where we squat in an escape room and ask ourselves how to get out again. Remember the following moments:

  • Your first day of school
  • Your final examination(s)
  • Your first date
  • Your first working day
  • All other days

You will find in the everyday life certain hints, which show you the way, so that you can finally win the code to open the door and go. So also in every exam, which you have filed so far and will still absolve. You are looking for hints, the learned, and hope to find the references quickly. Because you have only limited time.

So it is in our whole life. We have limited time. Life is a test. If we exist, we can go. In the beginning we are going, without a plan and without a goal. We look for the meaning and – if we think we have found it – we lie down, enjoy the rest and master all the small tasks that concern us. Each of these tasks, in turn, represents a different escape room. As you can see, we are always, at any time, in a space from which we are trying to flee.

Where to go?

We get behind a moving wall to a hidden room, which puts us the next tasks. We feel the time at the neck and still want to achieve everything we have planned. We want to travel a perfect job, a happy family, the world around us and everything that belongs to life and our expectations.

Every day is an escape room

From the time we walk through the space created for us. Everyone is in his or her own space, receives other hints. We unconsciously follow the indications we get from life. Sometimes they lead us on long detours and away from the destination. But one day we wake up in an unknown space that shows us things that we have not yet known and which we look at with great eyes.

Since life is to be exciting, it is usually characterized by days when we blindly run from one room to the next, or eagerly pounce on one thing and do not pay attention to the other things. We encapsulate and while we do not pay attention to the signs of happiness, we desperately run after a certain thing until we lie exhausted on the ground and the light goes out.

The whole life is an escape room

As you can see, the whole life takes place in an Escape Room. It is up to each of us to decide what to make of it. Do you take the note you receive or throw it into the next trash can? It remains your decision. Each of us is always opened a door to go. We have the possibility to start again or stay in the room. Keep your eyes open for clues and the next door opens from all alone.

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