My last 7 weeks


My last 7 weeks in Germany have started today. I can hardly believe it! But until then, I still have a lot to do, Sell furniture, give away clothes and books and take care of my foreign insurance. My apartment of 55sqm will soon no longer be what she used to be. In one week there will be the farewell party, the remaining sale of my apartment and the nightmare will come to the signing of the contract.

What motivates me is the thought of a free life after 7 years of office life, the project in Nicaragua and the uncertainty about where it is going. I would like to see and experience as much as possible, to meet people, to help and simply live. To the outside, I try to stay as quiet as possible, but inside jump just a hundred elephants through my body wanting to get out. From the plane to Spain and then to Nicaragua, where the children are waiting for me. I am so looking forward to the adventure with the children, the new culture and environment.

But as I said before, there is still a lot to be done and a few weeks of office work I have also before me. Since my decision to pack my backpack and go on a journey, I sometimes look like a gorilla sitting in the zoo, sadly behind the glass, waiting for someone to take me by the hand and get out.

There is a great quote from Stephen King, which has always accompanied me along the way in recent years:

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”

For a long time I dream of packing and traveling my things. Now it will soon come true. I opened the door and I can finally fly…

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