Heartbeat – life is exciting!


I’m sitting in the train on my way home having my laptop sitting on my lap.

A new ring on my left hand accompanies me as a souvenir for a nice weekend with friends in Hamburg.

A weekend that has shown me what I really want in my life:

To be free and to follow my heartbeat.

Forgetting the big plan for life

I am probably the greatest preacher of life but still it is hard for me to live it.

For my friends I seem to be the happy traveler.

Yes, I am.

I travel and I am happy.

There are no big plans in my life.

And at the same time I am constantly confronted with situations in which I have to decide:

Money or time.

Bread or quinoa.

Home or traveling.

We want to experience something new

When I packed my things over a year ago, I did not know how long I would be traveling with a 45-liter backpack on my small back.

Even today I do not know.

I am not able not decide.

But that’s alright.

I have learned to let the time decide and I trust that life carries me.

And then the decision comes from all alone.

It’s our journey

Young people are afraid to miss something.

Yes, I also admit it.

I’m afraid to miss something.

We accept all offers and keep other options open.

Just because we have the option to decide later – or not even at all.

Sometimes we forget to decide.

Then it will be too late.

And then we say: I wish I would have done it.

But as I said, then it’s just too late.

Relax and have a seat

I am currently in the process of accepting exactly these situations.

I missed to pay my pension in the past 18 months.

I recently missed buying a train ticket.

I missed to keep my fingers away from chocolate.

I missed a lot.

But that’s okay.

Because I decided.

I decided to be happy with the situation in which I am.

Heart beat

This is exactly what I feel and that is what I am living for.

I want more from life.

I want to see where it carries me.

I am no longer looking but let life carrying me.

Perhaps my heart is not only happy.

There is also a lot of fear. Very much fear, actually.

But that is alright and I have resigned myself to it.

After all, life is exciting and I do not want to miss it any day!

Accept life as it is

I have to decide.

But not today.

I trust that everything goes its way and everything comes with time.

As long as I listen to my intuition, I can not go so far.

So I see at least the whole thing.

Let’s live!

No matter how you live your life: Be happy with what you do!

Be happy with yourself.

And just live.

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