Healthy and happy in 3 steps


It’s the goal of all of us in life: We want to be healthy and happy. The fact that this is not the easiest task, everybody has to realise now and then. We complain about our partner, our job, our own body. We always find a reason not to be happy. But let me tell you that it is easy to be happy. The problem is that we forget about it too often.

How can I be happy?

It’s Friday, 4:30 am and I’m light-awake. And I am happy. How I can tell? I have a healthy hunger, a bright mind and can live my life how I like to live it.

These are just a few points why I’m happy.
Perhaps it is not always easy for you to enjoy life. If you wake up in the morning and it’s raining, it is all too understandable. A gray sky and the sad faces on the streets can quickly spoil the day.

But what happens in you, in the inside of your mind?

Did you wake up with a smile on your face, though it’s pouring in buckets outside? Then do not let the rays take you, but give other people a smile.

Life is certainly not always easy and sometimes we are going through better times and sometimes the days seem worse to us.

But why do we complain all the time?

Especially Germans are good in complaining at the highest level. We have pretty much everything that should make us happy. We have an excellent education system, a great job market, a secure income and innumerable insurances that safeguard us.

What can happen to us then?

Although we have it all, it is not enough. We sleep in expensive boxspring beds and still wake up in a bad mood. Something is wrong here, don’t you think so?

You are in control of your own happiness

It is kind of easy to wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is to complain. I mean, it is pretty hard that we have another day to live. All these things that we have to attribute to ourselves can make it pretty hard to live.

All these problems at work and the boss we can not stand.
Hey – have you ever thought that you can change this?
Even if you just don’t want to quit your job, you can change something – your inner attitude.

Instead of watching the news on TV before you go to bed, you can rather read a book. News are negative and affect your life subconsciously. If we always focus on negative things in life, it is no wonder that our attitude towards life becomes also negative.

Healthy and happy in 3 steps

What do health and happiness have in common? Correct! We can have as much money as possible and yet we can not buy anything from it to increase health or happiness.
So what makes people healthy and happy then?

1) Balanced dieting

I know it from myself. As a nutrition consultant, I have days when I tend rather to look for chocolate than for a salad.

It is important that we make a certain balance in our diet. Even if chocolate is not considered healthy, you don’t have to live without it. The same applies to wine, beer or other nice stuff. It just should be consumed in moderation (not in bulk).
Are you allergic to something or just don’t see a point to eat dead animals? Then switch your head on and eat something else.
Especially in Germany, we now have such a large selection of alternatives! For me it is currently for example bread, which doesn’t do me good. So I gave up on gluten and tend to eat alternatives like rice, quinoa or amaranth.

2) Job with fulfilment

If you wake up in the morning and don’t want to get up, something is wrong. Do you just have a bad day or is this happening nearly daily? On a Monday, is the only thing you are looking for the weekend?
Think about your job. Does it fulfil you or withdraw your life energy from you?

What makes you go to the office every day? Is it the money, the colleagues or the pure fulfilment?
Nobody wants you to go to the office every day. You don’t have to show anything to anyone. Neither your parents, your boss, or your colleagues.
You lead your own life and you should decide for yourself what is right for you. Does it still feel right after so many years or do you really want to do something completely different?

It’s your choice! After 8 years of office work, I also had no other choice. But I have found a way out and am now living a fulfilled life! Do you want the same?

3) Social environment

How do you live your life?

Each of us has a certain idea of a perfect life and that is the main problem. We strive for more and more. We want to be better and present ourselves to the world as perfect. But who defines perfection? And who determines when you are perfect?
Often, through our social environment, we are pushed into a direction that is not for us.

We let ourselves be persuaded to things that we do not like and which we ultimately regret. Friends may think it’s good, but do they think about themselves or in you?
Find out who your true friends are and keep distance from those people who steal your energy. You will see that you have more energy if you keep away from energy spoilers.

Life is a gift

I also have times when I forget to be grateful. Instead of looking forward to my health and my freedom, I am looking for things that I can complain about. These may be small things, e.g. the dirty dishes in the sink, a missed bus or the bad network at a bar.

We are all human and we all complain sometimes. But it is also part of the fact that we are grateful for what we have. Too often we forget that we are healthy and happy.

Be thankful for your life.

It is a gift given to you many years ago.

You have the opportunity every day to make the best out of it.

* * *

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