Get rid of your stuff!


It is 21:05 clock and I feel free. The ballast is gone and I can go on a journey soothingly.

When I opened my eyes this morning at 8:05 am and saw the sun rise, I felt that tingling in my body that told me: Today is a special day.

Do you know these days? Sometimes it is just so. You have the feeling that something great, exciting and new will happen. You do not know what. This is how I felt this morning.

Only two hours later I stood on the street and brought my household items to the street. It was a spontaneous inspiration, probably connected with a touch of panic, that I would not get rid of the things in time. In a week I will spend the last day in my apartment. So get away with the ballast!

Getting rid of my stuff

In addition to dishes, blumbs, pillows, loudspeakers, lamps, puzzles and my toaster, I gave something very important. My possession. I have less every day and today a milestone has been set. Within a few hours everything, completely everything, was swept empty. Only one glass remained, which broke down and landed in the Altglascontainer tonight.

My apartment is empty, white painted and what remains is joy. It is good to pass on all that I have bought and given in recent years. Each item goes into other hands and is thus given a new owner. It is not simply thrown into the next ton and disposed of anonymously. It remains in circulation. Every single cable, every plant and the smallest tennis ball.

All these things were carried away within a few hours. Women brought their children along and thanked the blankets, blankets and pillows. A lady gave me a small turtle made of porcelain for my trip. Another pressed me their last 11 euros in the hand. And all this spontaneously, in the open road. I left the people in my apartment, in my cellar, and felt no strange or strange feeling.

Free yourself

Put your apartment on the street and get the feeling. It’s cool! I still can not believe I did. Since I’ve given away my couch, the spell is broken and the feeling of letting go is stronger and more connected.

You too can do it and experience this feeling of freedom! What you can start:

  • Search at Facebook for groups in your city where you can give your things or sell for little money.
  • Use the flea markets in your city.
  • Ask friends, acquaintances and work colleagues, whether they need something.
  • Use eBay, Shpock and eBay classifieds to advertise the items.

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