Why you should face the changes in your life


Imagine, you are standing in front of a barrier. This barrier only opens when you answer certain questions. We have to face such barriers almost daily in our lives. It can be the response to the results you have been waiting for or the approval of a visa application.

Whoever sets such limits in his/her life must have a lot of courage. Every challenge brings a certain change with it that leads to uncertainty. We have no idea what comes next. Only one thing is for sure: something in our lives will change.

The larger the barrier, the more far-reaching the changes in life will be and the more courage we have to muster. This is why many of us prefer to stay in their comfort zone and leave the barriers down. But why is it easier for some of us and harder for others?

The limits in our lives

When you were born, you got into a life that was completely new for you. Over time, you learn to adapt to the environment and accept the conditions that have been given to you. Even in your childhood, you set yourselves limits for the first time.

You give out sounds although you are not able to speak in your first two years of life. You go to school although you can not read or write. You jump into water although you can not swim. So, at a young age, we already face the first challenges of our lives.

The younger we are, the easier we face the limitations in our lives. If you are facing a lot of challenges at a young age, it will be easier later in life to face certain problems.

I remember, for example, that at the age of 12 I began to increase my pocket money by spending my free afternoons taking care of children. My siblings were also looking for a side job besides going to school. So my parents taught us early to earn our own money and live independently. This is still evident in my life today.

Life is a hiking trail

Depending on the environment and support of your family, one can more quickly adapt to the circumstances of life. It is like a walking route that you follow and does not know where it takes you and where you are going. And yet, you take a step forward and let yourself be guided by nature.

Anyone who has ever been in the wild for several days knows this feeling. In the beginning, we feel the freedom that nature offers us. But the longer we are on the road, we find ourselves in places that we do not know and seem sinister. We react anxiously and look for a stop. This can be, for example, the dawning dusk, which is not easy on any walking route.

If we do not arrive at an accommodation in time, this can trigger fear in us. Once we have reached the accommodation, we feel a bit more comfortable with the situation.

The relief comes in the next morning, when birdsongs and a light breeze welcomes us. We continue our route in peace.

At the end of such a hike, you will return home with new impressions and images and experience life a bit more consciously. So if you stay on the same route and stay away from barriers, you will probably miss the magic of life.

Changes in life: face the problems!

Whoever is in front of a barrier often sees a red light. The unemployed sits discouraged at home, the worker crouches in the employee meeting and the traveler is at the boarder waiting for his documents.

All these moments mean change. Change for the next hours, days and years. What we often forget is the fact that our lives are always changing. Nothing remains as it is. Everything is always in a flow.

The fact that we prefer to run away from problems can be observed by everyone of us in his/her everyday life. We are, in the truest sense, limited by the limits. Once you face your problems and challenges in life, you will notice that the barriers open up – sometimes slowly and in other cases it goes faster. But one thing is certain – the barrier will always open upwards and not downwards. 😉

Once the barrier has opened for us, we will be able to see the blossoming of life on the other side.

Now let me ask you one question: What was the last barrier you opened?

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