This is why I don’t like to travel alone


It has been somewhat quiet on my blog in recent weeks. This is not just a reason. It all came unexpected. How it is in life. The unexpected always brings something good with it. It turns your life in a direction from which you will look at it from a new angle when you look back. I wanted to rest from my life in Germany and find myself. Then I found something quite different.

Travelling alone

I like to travel alone and get to know new people. Since I earn my own money, I travel alone, visit friends in Spain and spend weeks at beaches and in nature.

I thought, during my time in Nicaragua, I would only pursue the project with the children and my favorite occupation – writing. I wanted to enjoy the time in peace, to get to know the life of Nicaraguans and become part of them. For me it was clear that I would stay away from partying and not let me get carried away by the current trends.

Before my departure, I had agreed (yes, with myself – I often do) that I work in the project and by the way travel alone through the country. I wanted to spend the weeks away from crowds and major tourist activities and to get to know the country on my own.

Whether on the bus, at the bus stop or in the taxi. Nicaragua is full of crazy, open and loving Nicas (expression for Nicaraguans) and tourists with whom you can get in touch quickly. But on your own? What expression! He sounds negative and he is. I’m banging my hands when I’m tense or angry but not when I want to travel relaxed through a country.

Travelling Nicaragua with a friend

Only two days after my arrival in Nicaragua it was clear that I would quickly get my ideas of traveling alone over a heap. I found a great friend, with whom I flew across Nicaragua to the Corn Islands.

It could not have been better. Shortly after our getting to know each other, we both had the impression that something connects us – the adventures. The two of us wanted to travel, to get to know the country and the people and feel like locals from time to time. Why should not we experience it together?

The weeks we were traveling did not come to me as three weeks before. Through the many experiences during these days, the days were to weeks and the weeks to months. It was spontaneous and was little planned. Bus tickets, overnight stays and travel destinations – everything was searched at short notice.

When I sit alone on the bus, I often think of the last few weeks and many wonderful moments that I had with my girlfriend. Probably the trips would have been less fun if I had a person at my side who understood little or no Spanish. My girlfriend is Spanish. So we could talk with the Nicas, ask us at the bus stations and negotiate with the taxis (very important here!). Every moment was unique and we had a lot of fun.

If I had traveled alone, my thoughts would have been closed. Moments, which seemed to me as exciting, funny or unreal, I would have had to keep for myself. The moments are quickly forgotten. On days when I do not remember these moments, they are called to me by talking to my girlfriend or photos.

Even though we were almost always together, I had a lot of time during the trip and got the feeling to find myself. We found places that I did not want to leave, and people who infected me to stay. And moments in which I did not find a match with my girlfriend and I took a step back brought me to understand that at that very moment I found a piece to myself.

Before the departure

From personal experience, I would never travel with someone I do not know or with which I do not clear for various reasons. With my girlfriend I noticed quite quickly that it could fit. To 100% sure I was up to the departure but still not. When you travel, you get to know each other and get to know the other person and sometimes there are critical moments.

Meine Freundin Mar und ich in Nicaragua

Meine Freundin Mar und ich in Nicaragua

On one of our journeys, we suddenly stood at the bus station without money. This was the first time it was a problem. We searched the last pesos under time pressure and were able to buy the bus tickets. It was early in the morning, we had not eaten for hours and had a four-hour bus ride in front of us. We had neither money nor time to get us something as usual. So go on the bus. Luckily there are buses, people selling sandwiches, fruits and drinks. One of the guys gave us water and a woman sold us a bread for a dollar that my girlfriend conjured up from her pocket.

To avoid such a situation, clarify the most important points in advance with your travel partner. Here are a few points that will help you:

  • Budget – How much money does each of you take with you and what do you do in an emergency when someone without money stands up?


  • Destinations – Determines the destination and discusses how long you want to stay in the place. Do you want to visit several places or do you have a very specific goal in mind?


  • Interests – Be aware that you two will not share 100% the same interests. So clarify whether the one wants to the museum and the other to the beach. Then you go stop times separate ways.


  • Hotel or Hostel – What is your standard of accommodation? Does he agree with your travel partner?

During the travel

Take notes on your expenses during the trip. Who spent how much? This can lead to unpleasant conversations if you do not. Take notes or keep the costs directly in a list!

You will always return to a point where you do not agree with your travel partner. Take a step back and look at the situation from a distance.

Why I do not want to travel alone – at least not permanently

The trip with my friend through Nicaragua showed me that I would like to share my experiences with someone and not just travel alone. I like to travel alone with a person whose interests I do not share. Traveling together makes the journey richer, even if there are sometimes conflicts. It is exciting to go one way together and let the others go back. That’s what makes traveling.

These weeks have shown me that if you do not move, you can always look at your life from one point of view. Take your legs in your hands and go on the journey of your life. I started alone and after a short time I found a lot of new friends next to a good friend. I have wanted to find myself and found a friend for life.

And what I then found, you in my next post.

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