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Back in Germany, I had the chance to review my last months. This time has changed a lot in my life, without me having a great influence on it. From a three-month voluntary service in poor Nicaragua back to the rich European life. One may think that this is a cultural shock. I can tell you: it’s more!

It will change your life! It is unique what I learned whilst waiting for the bus in Nicaragua and how this changed my view with regard to many life situations. People and moments opened my eyes in Nicaragua and gave me a new look at many things in my life.

Everything has two sides

We complain too often, although we are doing well. We are accustomed to complain. For we live in a society that complains. But what if you and I are these little fish that swim with a smile on their lips against the current? If we simply stay behind in anger, and look forward to what we have. Would not this make life much easier for us?

The time in Nicaragua has opened my eyes to one thing: everything has two sides. What I want to say is that it’s important how you see things. For me, bus driving in Nicaragua has been a great experience in recent months. Because the bus does not come at a certain time like here in Europe. He comes when he wants – or not. 😉 For a self-determined life in Europe this is unimaginable. But it would probably one thing or another probably times quite well to wait an indefinite time on the bus. Because waiting allows us to look at things with a different look.

As we’re on the bus, I’ll tell you how you can change your life when you travel. So you can consider a train delay as positive or negative. You can be annoyed that the train does not arrive as planned and you come home late. You’re annoyed until you get black. In such anger you take all your energy (also the positive!) And transform it into negative energy. What remains in the end, apart from the anger, is not much. You miss the beautiful evening and maybe the other one.

However, if you look at the train delay positively, something wonderful happens. For example, you have the chance to deal with yourself for a little longer. When will we do that? We rush from one place to another and forget not only others but also ourselves. While you have to wait on the track, you have the unique opportunity to have a little more time for you. But maybe you wanted to call an old friend already? Then do it now. A train delay is a good opportunity for many things! You just have to use it. This perspective alone will change your life.

You can also observe this in other situations in life. So one day you can find that your beloved baker has closed. For years, you have been going there every morning to get your coffee. Instead of getting annoyed after the closure and mourning that you have to get your coffee somewhere else, you can see this as an opportunity. Perhaps you wanted to always try the coffee at the baker next door and did not do it because of the habit. Now is the chance!

A few exercises to change life

We can complain and annoy as long as we want. This, however, deprives us of valuable energy and does not take us further. We often only put others with our negative ballast. I think we should let it go and be more relaxed to change something in our lives. If you think I’m spinning now, the following exercises can certainly help you. At least you will react more calmly and calmly in stressful and annoying moments. In addition, you will automatically find many more moments in which you can react more calmly and change your life in small steps.

  • I accept the train delay and I am aware that in other countries people have to wait for their bus every day and have to walk long distances.


  • I do not complain about the behavior of friends and colleagues, but accept that they act differently and react as I do.


  • I am pleased that I have a well-paid job while others do not have a job.


  • I am proud of how far I have been to this day and that I have already achieved many of my goals. I am not annoyed with goals that I have not yet achieved.


  • I am grateful for the fact that I have a wide selection of food, while other people have to eat the same daily.

Surprise yourself!

Back to the train. If this has finally entered the station, you can relax back into the seat and enjoy your peace. But what happens often happens, probably each of us has already experienced. There is someone sitting next to us talking us irresistibly. Here too you have two options. You can turn away and pretend you do not hear the person. That would be super rude of course, and the person would understand it within a short time that you avoid a conversation.

What I learned while driving in Nicaragua has surprised me in many moments about myself. I took my bag aside and offered people a seat from the start. Well, I admit that in most cases this was not possible due to lack of space. So I sat 8 hours a week, next to a stranger. While I hoped on some bus trips to be not addressed, I hoped on other trips to talk with someone. This was frankly always quite dependent on my mood. But how should the other people know? After all, they could not look into my head. And that is exactly why I was happy about the conversation I was able to lead with the different people. It made my life change.

Who has learned

to wait for a bus every day

which does not come,


what is patience.

So while you are standing on the track and waiting for the next delayed train, you know what to do. You will also see a lot of people who are angry about the delay. Instead of getting annoyed with them, be happy about the train coming up and having some time for you. Do not be infected by her negative feelings. You can see this as an opportunity to bring out positive feelings. You will see that you will not only save your day.

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