Chain Reaction – Rachel Scott


When I had breakfast with a girlfriend in one of my favorite cafes a week ago, I discovered in the library a book whose title fascinated me: “Chain reaction” (chain reaction).

The book is about how we show more compassion in everyday life. The story is about 17-year-old Rachel Scott, who was killed in a Colombian high school in Colorado on April 20,

Within a few days the book was devoured by me. Rachel’s father wrote it with so much love that I simply breathed it. I want to show you the most important passages from the book and show you how a young girl has changed the world.

Chain Reaction

Rachel and the young man Eric Harris, who has their lives on their conscience, both spoke of a chain reaction. Eric used violence to destroy the lives of 13 young people and their families at Columbine High School.

Rachel, on the other hand, decided to go another way to trigger a chain reaction. In one of her notes, she speaks of her conviction that a single person, with a sense of compassion for his fellow human beings, can cause a chain reaction of kindness to be triggered.

It was Rachel’s call to meet people with kindness and compassion. Since her death, Rachel’s father travels across the country to convince people of all ages that we can all start a revolution of kindness and compassion and make a difference in today’s world.

The book “Chain Reaction” by Darrell Scott can be found here.

Life code

In her Code of Ethics, Rachel explains why each of us should set up a code of conduct for his life and how it helps us go through life better.

I have written down the most important points from Rachel’s Code.

Rachel’s life code

“Morality changes with the environment, with the circumstances and the culture, and morality plays a major role in my own life, I do not know where this morality comes from, maybe it was through the way I was reared or the experiences That I’ve done, but maybe it’s just my view of the world and how things should be.

My most important points in morality are the honesty, the compassion show and the lookout for the best and most beautiful things in every person. ”


“I have often been told that I would trust the people too easily, but I have found that I have almost never been deceived when I put trust and faith in people. I trust that people have the same confidence in them Trust and honesty is an investment you can put into every person.

If you place enough trust in people and show you honestly towards them, they will do the same. Just when I am honest and trustworthy, I do not come cold-hearted. Show sympathy and be honest – both come all by themselves if you apply enough of it in any situation. I admire people who are both trustworthy and trustworthy. ”

Show compassion

“Compassion is the greatest form of love that people carry within themselves. My definition of compassion is to forgive, love, help, lead, and show mercy for my fellow human beings.

I have the following theory: If a person shows you compassion, this will trigger a chain reaction. We do not know how far this small portion of friendliness is enough and how many people will reach it. ”


“I recently heard that the first, second and third impressions can be decisive for what kind of person someone is. For example, imagine you meet someone three times and talk to him every time for only a few minutes. This person can be unfriendly, mean, stubborn, and ignorant in these three conversations.

So you make your judgment on these three short meetings with the person. Imagine these questions: Have you asked the person about his goals in life? Did you ask what he / she had experienced in the past and whether he / she was loved or hurt? Did you only perceive his outer appearance or look behind the façade?

Before you know any more about this person than just the type of person, you do not have the right to avoid that person. For you have not looked far enough to see the good in this person. You did not notice the light in his eyes. You’ll always find a light and you can even help make it grow bigger. ”

The Snowball system

Rachel’s life reminded me of the film “Pay it forward”. The film is about a social science teacher (played by Kevin Spacey), who gives his students the following task: to think about something that can help them improve the world. Student Trevor (played by Haley J. Osment) has a very special idea. He wants to help three people, who in turn help three more people.

This means that every person is doing something good for three more people. They do not, therefore, return the favor, but show their gratitude by helping others. The good deeds spread through the snowballs.

That was exactly what Rachel’s thought was. She described the sharing of trust, grace, and compassion only show differently – as a chain reaction. However we call this positive cycle, I am sure that it reaches many people.

My first chain reaction, which I triggered and perceived, was this year. With the abandonment of home, job and life in Germany, I took the trip to Nicaragua six months ago.

There 40 children for 3 months daily welcomed me. The voluntary service has brought not only much peace, but also love into my life. When the time with the children was over, I took 40 children’s hearts back to Germany. I thought that was the greatest gift I could have had. But what then came, I could hardly believe!

In advance, I would like to say that I have not reckoned with any thanks for my voluntary work. When I was waiting for my plane at the airport in Miami, I ordered a smoothie. While I let the young man behind the counter my order (a small green smoothie), I already rummaged for my money. But Trevor, as the young man was called, suddenly waved his hand and handed me the cash register.

What I saw was an amount of $ 0.00! I could not believe it and looked at him with wide eyes. Trevor just smiled and disappeared in the room next door. This was the first and last time I saw Trevor. His colleague gave me a few minutes later a big smoothie – to the house!

It may sound odd, but who knows me knows how much I love smoothies! You could not have given me a bigger present! I saw the smoothie in my hand as a thank you for my work in Nicaragua and left Trevor a picture with the words “You made my day!”

How you can change the world

I believe, as does Rachel, that each of us can trigger a chain reaction. Let us go out of our comfort zone and show compassion. Already in the morning on the way to work or in the university, you can change the world of another person with a smile or a small gesture.

Make a compliment to your colleague when wearing a nice blouse. Thank the waiter with a smile when you pay your lunch. Ask the man with the questioning look on the street if he needs help. You can show compassion wherever you are.

Sit down for a few minutes and write down the things that are important to you in your life. In doing so, leave objects outside and focus on what actions and thoughts are particularly important to you. Perhaps it is also characteristics of friends, colleagues and acquaintances whom you appreciate and would like to acquire. With your own life code, you have not only your life, but also the lives of other people in your hand.

In me, Rachel’s words have strengthened my decision, made years ago, to help each person with a smile and help children in particular. It is my heart to live as positively every day as it is possible and not to let me be neglected by negative thoughts and moments.

My inner voice tells me that I am on the right track and can positively influence positive actions and words, perhaps the life, but the day of a person, in the hope that this person will pass it on. Each of us can do a chain reaction – you too!


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