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I am happy to welcome you on happy12, a personalized website for social blogging and more. happy12 will provide you with regular posts about topics out of the “normal” world we were born in.


About happy12 and yourself

You want to travel, live minimalistic or pursue a plant based diet? I am happy to go this path with you. As I decided to live my dreams I will provide you with my stories inspiring you to fulfil your dreams.

It’s not important which goal you are after, it’s important that you are 100% into it and won’t lose track of it. Remind yourself each day that you can make it!

How do you change your life?

If you feel uncomfortable, get up now and get a member of a gym. If you want more social connections in your life, get out now and make friends. If you always wanted to visit Mexico, Portugal or Canada, book a ticket now.

You ask yourself what I have done to get a few steps closer to my goals?


  • rent my bed room to get money.
  • quit my job because it didn’t make me happy.
  • cancelled parties to have more time to learn.
  • decided to live vegan because of animals, health and poverty.
  • listen to my inner voice because I want to be happy.

Now listen to your heart and do what it is looking for. I know it’s easy to say and I am at the very beginning too. But hey, that’s such a good feeling!

It’s exciting as I don’t know what’s coming next. I’m free and can take the next step with a free mind doing what my intuition is telling me.


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