5 reasons to go vegan


Since I am traveling, I always meet people who tell me that they eat vegetarian or vegan. They come from all over the world. For Germany alone, the figure is estimated to be 1.2 million vegans (not that I have met them all).

For 3 years and 4 months I eat vegan now. And I like it. There are many reasons to eat vegan. It is a decision with which you can change the world. I would like to tell you in this post the 5 main reasons to go vegan.

1. Your Health

The reason I went vegan. I wanted to live healthier and not have to hide my bad skin covered with pimples under 2 tons of makeup.

The more I was dealing with my nutrition, the more I became aware of the extent of the health effects of meat and milk. Especially milk made life difficult for me.

So I quit eating all dairy products. And, what happened next was amazing! All my pimples disappeared within only days! Freedom for my skin and no makeup anymore!

♥ No milk, no pimple! It’s that simple! 🙂


2. World hunger

I think no one likes to see people starving people on the street. I always wanted to help the hungry children around the world but I did not know how to it.

Still, more than 1 billion people are still considered malnourished!

In many poor countries a lot of plants are cultivated, but it is not for the poor. Where else is it then going? It’s going to feed our full stomaches! Going directly to the industrialised countries and their industrial livestock farming. We feed the grain to animals which will be slaughtered so rich people can it them. Everything for the industrial livestock farming. Everything for the consumerism.


Isn’t there something wrong?

You see where I’m going to…

When I eat vegan, I don’t have the feeling that I eat poor people’s food.

♥ No meat, no bad conscience.


3. Environment

Here we lie on the beach, sipping our smoothie and with the next wave a plastic bottle is dropped off in the sand. The garbage in nature is already such a normal thing that we don’t notice much at all.

Stop! Is this about vegan food or recycling?

Oops, back to the topic!

What I wanted to go to is that we also have a great influence on the environment with our eating habits.

It’s nothing new that the hamburger is a product of the industrial livestock farming. 18% of all greenhouse gases relate to industrial livestock farming.

For an hamburger, an average of 5 square meters of rainforest is used as arable land. And it costs up to $ 200 for the environment.

♥ No meat = no contribution to industrial livestock farming.

4. Animal protection

Here comes a fact that will make you speechless: For the meat production in the USA over 10 billion animals are slaughtered per year. These are more animals than there are humans on earth (currently: 7,414,034,474).

Animals are no longer seen and treated as living creatures. They are a meat and milk machine. Companies make money with them and customers consume more than they should.

The cunning statistics assume that a German over the course of his/her life eats an average of 1,094 animals. If I assume that I get 86 years old (I don’t want to exaggerate here), I rescue 12.7 animals a year.

Since I have been vegan for 3 years now, I have saved 38 lives of animals. At least, if you believe those statistics.

♥ I saved 38 animals without actually doing anything. Wow!

Grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

5. Ethics

We are growing up eating meat and drinking milk. Were you asked before your first piece of meat, whether you want to eat dead animal? No. It was just given to you.

When I saw what I ate almost every day, I realised that I’ve been supporting the industrial livestock farming with my meat consumption for many years.

In my opinion, every child should be enlightened about what they eat and what impact it has on our environment.

We seek our satisfaction at the cost of other creatures. We forget that animals also have feelings. Or could you eat your dog?

It is proven that even pigs are smart. Why do we eat them then?

And even cows, we should not slaughter but protect. On average a cow gets only 4.5 years old. Then it is slaughtered. But did you know that a cow can actually become 30 years old?!

♥ Save animals’ lives!

Why vegan?

Why vegan? I started for health reasons. Meanwhile, I live more vegan for moral reasons.

I like living animals and I want to do something for our environment as well as to counter climate change.

I can do that by eating vegan. Every day!

Every day counts when I do not eat meat and also do not consume dairy products.

You want to change the world?

Start today!

Wanna get more info? Get 20 of the most important health benefits of going vegan HERE!

* * *

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