48 hours in Frankfurt



Note: As I’m just sitting on the train and driving backwards, I’m just starting to tell from behind…

The weather forecast was not the best for a weekend in Frankfurt. 8 degrees and rain. But I did not care. After all, I had been looking forward to this weekend with my friends. And on Sunday afternoon I wanted to see my brother, who lives in Frankfurt. So it was early morning morning relaxed relaxed by the Düsseldorf rain to Frankfurt.

I spent the afternoon with my brother in Cafe Sugar Mama. A very cute cafe right on the Main. There was a delicious fruit and, yes, a green Sencha tea. Man, I love green tea! A good tea, a nice conversation partner and more it simply does not need 🙂

Since there was unfortunately no table in the cafe, we sat outside at a small table. I grabbed the doil, which lay on the bench, and threw it over my legs. At 8 degrees, this was a very good idea. The main street in front of the nose we ignored automatically thanks to the delicious food and warmed us with tea.

A little adventure

3 hours before I was still with my girlfriends together in an Escape Room, from which we had to find again. I used to play these Escape games rather online. Maybe you know her and have enjoyed it. Well, today these rooms sprout like dandelions from the ground. At least is so my impression. Well, I must honestly confess that I probably would not have found myself in such a room and put on an online game, but I saw this weekend as a relaxing and an adventure at the same time. It should be something else – so shortly before my adventure in Nicaragua and the last months in complete peace and the departure from many dear things.

Anyone who has always liked to play Escape games or tricky skill games should not miss this opportunity. But it is also perfect for all teams, groups and friendships that want to do something for their team spirit and cohesion. Alone, I would definitely not solve this puzzle – I would probably still squat in the room. So I was quite happy that my girlfriends were there and it was all the more fun!

It was also good that we had strengthened in the morning with a hefty breakfast. There were delicious muesli of MyMuesli and fresh rye bread from the small market hall. The bread was super delicious, but even more delicious the matcha muesli! You have to try it! I am not so on prefabricated mueslis and finished products and am rather creative, but the Matcha Müsli contains neither sugar nor other additives. So absolutely recommendable!

Vegan food

My friend Alex had reserved a table for Chimichurri on Saturday evening. Chimichurri is actually an Argentine sauce made from various herbs, which is served to meat dishes. That the place of course has nothing to do with meat or something similar, was clear to us.

The interior decor in the restaurant reminded me strongly of bars in Barcelona. Also from the operation it agreed. Two young men were standing behind the counter. On request, we were confirmed that the owner is probably also the owner. The colorful pictures on the walls were a lot more creative than the young men, who either had so much to do or just wanted to leave us waiting. When we were about to serve ourselves (we girls all worked as waitresses), one of the young men noticed that we did not have a card yet.


To eat there was then for each of us a small salad and – then came the blockbuster – the main course. Tarte flambée and aubergine lasagne. I really do not have a plan when I have eaten the last lasagna, but this lasagna made me really soft. Unfortunately, the young man did not want to betray the recipe. As a dessert there was then a cream Brulet on banana-schuko basis. Delicious! We paid an average of 25 € per person for an aperitif, pre, main and dessert. You can not say anything, do you? Oh, there was a Matcha Chai Latte to the end.

So, the store is definitely recommendable, even if the service is still something to work on and could be more attentive. 3 out of 5 stars.


On Saturday afternoon the small market hall was on our agenda. My girlfriend Angi and I was after Indian curry and we hoped secretly that we would find the curry in some form. And in fact we were looking for a short search. The Indian stand owner mixed a plate of different vegetable and lentil currys for 7 €.

On the spill through the crowd back to the exit we bought the bread for breakfast the next day at the bakery. The bakery has been baking 100% vegan for 20 years and also sells other foods, such as various bread spreads, fruit and more.

Relaxed in Frankfurt

Although the rain did not stop, and the masses flowed through the streets, alleyways and passages, we did not let the good humor take us, and strolled from the Roman square through the alleyways across the various squares, and occasionally stuck our heads into the shops For example In the Tefladen Schnorr, where we bought green tea and ginger tea. Besides, I was about to take a small Buddha with 100 other Buddhas on the shelf, but luckily I was able to hold back. In general, it was not easy to restrain my buying and consuming pleasure. It is very challenging when you are on the road and surrounded by so many things and exposed to temptation. But the better is the feeling of resisting these moments and then proudly telling yourself that you have remained strong. 🙂

In another shop, however, I could not restrain myself, and after six months bought the first time again a piece of clothing – a scarf in my favorite colors. He will be my new companion and accompany me everywhere. No matter where it goes.

I asked myself whether I could live in Frankfurt. On the whole, I could not imagine that. Even if it is really great on the Main and you can do a lot, the city with its large financial towers and banks on every corner would take the view of an unencumbered life. Too often I would be reminded that on the whole it is always about money.

The Frankfurters seemed to me but all very friendly and relaxed. I felt well cared for throughout the weekend, and although the city has not been one of my favorites so far, I have found a little more pleasure in Frankfurt. Maybe it was the good food, the nice people or it was a mixture of all the circumstances and the good karma that the city and its inhabitants brought with it.

Now more than an hour has passed and I have just arrived back in Düsseldorf, my current place of residence. The last three weeks there will start. I will take a lot from the weekend for the next few weeks and look forward to my great journey into the unknown.

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