4 days in Barcelona



Everyone who knows me knows how big my love for Spain and especially Barcelona is. So I wanted to spend a few days in the Spanish sun before I went to Nicaragua. Oh, how I missed that! As soon as the plane lands and I take the first steps on the Spanish soil, I feel at home.

I have noticed that it is almost always the same things that inspire me in Barcelona:

  • The relaxed mentality of the Spanish people.
  • The varied inspiration in the streets.
  • The proximity to the sea.

Now I sit here the last hours in Madrid, write to me and sip a green tea by the side. Let me check what has happened in the past few days and what you can not miss on your next trip to Barcelona!

Transportation in Barcelona

Right after my arrival at the airport I got a ticket for the transport. I decided to buy the “Hola Barcelona” ticket for 4 days for € 26.50 – which was already worth two days. In general, I prefer walking on foot and discover the city by chance, as I call it so beautiful, but in such a big city it makes sense to have a ticket in the pants.

The ticket includes rides for bus, metro and train. You get it at the machine in the metro station. If you are not sure, you can also ask the nice guys in the card house who are not only friendly, but also speak English. In general it is common in Barcelona that the young Spaniards speak English.

No matter how you’re traveling and what you want to see, the ticket is definitely worth it! I also noticed this when I wanted to go back to the apartment on the first evening and took the wrong Metro twice. Sometimes my orientation stops me. 😉

In such cases, a day ticket is your financial salvation! In addition, you can move flexibly from A to B, when the legs go limp.

Sightseeing – my favourites

Barcelona is considered one of the best cities for sightseeing. You can feel that in the streets. Young couples walk hand in hand through the streets, go shopping or enjoy a coffee in one of the countless cafes. In Barcelona you will find everything. Small bars to large shopping centers, pure relaxation to a wild nightlife and the finest artistic studios to the well-known museums. Barcelona lives from the small and big details that you can feel everywhere and time and again.

Sagrada Familia

Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Metro Station: Sagrada Familia

The Roman Catholic Church of Antoni Gaudí is located in the center of Barcelona. It has been under construction for 100 years and is to be completed in accordance with current planning in 2026. Even if the building cranes irritate, it is worth a visit.

The day ticket costs € 15.00 and can be purchased online.



Sagrada Familia

Las Ramblas

Metro Station: Placa Catalunya

The Ramblas is just a 15-minute walk from the Sagrada Familia. They are a magical place of attraction for tourists. As the hub of the city, they lead from Placa Catalunya down the Gothic Quarter to the port.

From the 1.2-kilometer-long Ramblas, several small streets go into the different quarters of Barcelona, such as El Gótic (Gothic Quarter) or El Raval. The small streets lead through the quarters like a labyrinth and you get the impression that there is no end.

Do not miss the turnoff to La Boquería, a huge market with fruits, juices and more. He will inspire you!


View from Placa de Catalunya to Ramblas

Fruit stand La Boquería

Parc Güell

Carrer d’Olot, s/n,08024 Barcelona, Metro Station: Vallcarca

The famous park of Gaudí is not without reason on the list of my favorite places. Coming from Placa Catalunya, you can reach Metro station Vallcarca within 10 minutes by metro. Once you have arrived, you only have to make a short march by following the signs. The park of Gaudí is very popular, so you will not be the only one on the way.

Beside the pure nature and the small paths, there are Gaudí’s works and those of other artists to discover. The center of the park forms a plaza, the boundary of which is waved with mosaic stones and about 110 meters long. Here you can rest after a long walk through the park.

Unfortunately, the city decided two years ago to demand entry. So you have to pay 8.00 € for the visit of the plaza and the inner core. You can book a ticket online before your visit.


View from Parc Güell over Barcelona


Mosaik in Parc Güell








Vegan in Barcelona

During the four days I tried various vegan bars. Overall, the offer is now really big and I am still wondering that there are many biological supermarkets. There you will find not only organic vegetables and fruit, but also muesli and bars, tofu and seitan as well as everything else you find in German biomarkers.

I noticed directly the many German products, which are on the shelves. They are, of course, somewhat more expensive, but good. After all, the organic trend here also increases, and this is very noticeable!


Carrer Dels Angels 3Barcelona

The VeggieGarden is a cute bar near the famous Ramblas, which is about a 15-minute walk away. I was eating there around 8.30pm. Only a few tables were occupied. Two waiters were on duty and they did not want to talk much. Nevertheless, I did not let the hunger go, and the ambiance, thanks to the colorful walls. Also the offer was: 3 courses for 8.50 € including drink. That’s what I call cheap!

A short time later, I also knew why. The food was already prepared and were only briefly heated in the microwave. Accordingly, the food came out on the table and the good feeling was just as fast again.

As a starter there was a cauliflower soup. Slightly thin but delicious. The main course was a filled pastry bag with tofu and as a supplement cold paprikagemüse and warm Tomatensauce. The most delicious was the tomato sauce. The dessert was a cream of berries with two slices of oranges. The highlight of this evening was the orange-carrot juice, which was freshly pressed and was really delicious!

My resume: Cheap (8.50 €). Fast Food Style. Delicious juices.


Decoration in VeggieGarden









Pintor Fortuny, 25 08001 Barcelona

The restaurant BioCenter immediately captivated me. There is a cozy atmosphere outside, which invites you to eat.

The place is smaller than it is. I was warmly greeted and the waiter led me through the card and told me the ordering principle. 3 courses for 10,45 € without drink. Schonmal more expensive than in VeggieGarden.

The first course (soup or salad) I could at the buffet pick up. The buffet was a small table with a huge variety of fresh salads, vegetables, peas and lentils. I was totally surprised. I had rather expected a few leaves of salad. As a main course I could choose between two lens dishes. There was full grain rice with lentils and sprouts. It was okay, but I did not get torn from the stool. That is why the dessert has taken care of itself. A small piece of cake made of banana and coconut. A dream!

My resume: Price ok (12 €). It was a pleasure!




Banana cake at BioCenter








DosTrece Restaurant-Lounge 

Carrer Carme, 40, 08001 Barcelona

In the bar DosTrece I always feel comfortable. The corner bar is located directly on the Ramblas and behind La Boquería, the big weekly market. Generally the bar is not vegan and also offers normal food (with meat). But since I’ve recently been there for the vegan brunch, I knew they also had vegan options. If desired, they also conjure you a vegan dish for lunch. The brunch is by the way the hammer and is absolutely worth it!

Unfortunately the wait staff was not so talkative that day and it took some time until we got warm. But then we talked about God and the world and I even got a juice extra.

To eat there was a mixed salad and pasta with super delicious aubergine tomato sauce. Unfortunately, I could not make a dessert anymore, as I had a strawberry-coconut smoothie just before, on the Boquería, which made me quite satisfied. But I remember the delicious carrot cake from last year. As shown in Fig.

My resume: Price and taste good (8 €). It was a pleasure!


Do you know the HappyCow app? Download it and find vegan / vegetarian bars, restaurants and nice places all over the world!

The costs

It’s damn easy to get rid of money in Barcelona. The city seduces through the colorful shops and many offers. Nevertheless, it is also cheap and you do not have to buy everything. In this case it is practical that I am only traveling with a backpack anyway and have no room for new things.

Overall I spent 226 € in the four days. Here I give you an overview:

Transportation (Flight from Düsseldorf; train to Madrid) 137,00
Food (3xBreakfast at home, 3x lunch and 2x dinner at restaurant, 1x evening at home, other / tea / snacks) 62,50
Metro (Hola BCN Ticket 4 días) 26,50
Total 226,00

Since I have stayed with a friend, I have no costs for the maintenance. Through Airbnb you have the possibility to book a budget room between 13-25 € per night. So you are then around 300 € total.

What do you like about Barcelona and do you know other vegan bars? Send it to me and I’ll take it with me!

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