33 Questions for more Happiness in Life


As fate (or Google) likes it, I recently read an interesting blog post on Lena’s blog family4travel. Lena answers 33 questions about the happiness that Florian Langenscheidt presents to his readers in his book “Find Your Happiness”. You can read the book here and order it online. But before you can read my answers to the questions about happiness. As shown in Fig.

# 1 In which moments do I find inner peace?

In the bus. As funny as it may sound, I get on the bus here in Nicaragua (or on the train in Germany) to rest and get off after a long hour of happy and happy. Now you’re sure to ask me what I’m doing while driving. I read on my Kindl, write texts for myself or others and watch the passing houses and forests as they disappear. So when I am reading, writing, and at the same time moving, everything flows in me and I find my peace.

# 2 If every day tomorrow would have an hour less, what could I do without?

That’s easy. Definitely on Facebook. Since I am in Nicaragua, I spend too much time on Facebook. I upload photos for friends, comment other comments, and read messages that appear on my portal. Although these activities are still within the framework, I could reduce it. And yes, I would definitely do if I had an hour less a day.

# 3 What do my friends appreciate about me?

My open ear. I’m always there for my friends (I’m trying to do that and hope my friends see it the same way ;-)) and help them with a piece of advice. I have the energy to share with friends. Be it about problems, feelings or other things. Even if I am not in the same place as friends or family, I am by phone, mail or Whatsapp reachable and have so many good friendships can build up and receive.

# 4 For what characteristics would I get compared to others a “one with asterisks”?

I do not like to compare with others, even if you do it automatically in many situations. If I think about it, for which I should get an asterisk, it would probably be the property that I go to other people and go into situations without thinking much before. An example: A young couple is late at night in the subway station. He grabs her hard by the arm and pushes her against the wall. He yells at her that she is guilty of everything and that she is not worth anything (I would rather not give his word-choice here). She is looking for excuses, wants to get rid of herself, but does not create it. I walk over and stand between them.

That’s me. When I see injustice, I must intervene. That is why I am sitting just in Nicaragua, supporting the Amigos project. I see the injustice in the world, like the poverty here in Nicaragua and wealth in Germany. I am convinced that each of us can take a small step in the right direction to make our contribution to a better world.

# 5 What is the most convincing argument to like me?

Very easily. I laugh with you about everything. As shown in Fig.

# 6 What hope will I never give up?

That hunger in the world is coming to an end.

# 7 What should I care and nurture much more?

My hair. 🙂 I just let them grow and I do not know exactly what to do with them. They are short, thin and do what they want. So if someone has a tip for me, how I get them tamed, always here!

# 8 Which of my dreams have I already buried and what should happen to resurrect?

Due to the current circumstances (Nicaragua ;-)) I have pushed my dream of traveling through South America a bit to the rear. I have found that traveling alone is not a thing for me. So I would have to find someone to go with me on this adventure. So, if you read this and are adventurous, send me a mail! As shown in Fig.

# 9 What causes negative stress, what positive?

During the 8 years in the office job, I noticed the following: Whenever I had to cope with a task where everything inside me was cramped and I hardly saw any sense in it, this created stress within me. If I also had to work overtime for this task, the stress became worse and had a negative effect on my state of mind. I became nervous and was angry with myself.
Positive stress, on the other hand, is for me when I’m in a hurry to do a job that I enjoy. I am looking for a solution with all my energy to cope with the task in my time and I am in the flow. An example: I am on a trip and have only five minutes to clear the breakfast table and do the washing up, as the bus goes straight. If I can not do it by then, he will drive without me. I am looking forward to the trip and therefore give everything to be on time on the bus. In contrast to other days, it does not matter to me that I do the dishwashing and accomplish the task with positive energy.

# 10 What could I change to bring less negative and more positive stress into my life?

I could avoid situations and people who cause negative stress in me. If I am still in a negative stress situation, I could cope with it by meeting her with calm and relaxation and not letting me influence. Like a small rock in the surf stop. 😉

# 11 What must happen to make me feel completely independent?

This is probably the most difficult question with the following # 12, which one can ask me. That’s why I’ve pushed them well before me and answered to the end. As shown in Fig.

Now you expect a great answer from me and I had already typed it down. Then I realized that I would answer a very different question, namely, “What has to happen so I am completely independent.” This is a huge difference. I can be independent, but I do not feel the same way around and the other way around. I can feel independent, but it is not.

This is the way I am. I feel independent, but it is not. I feel free from everything and can give free rein to my thoughts, feelings and actions. This does not mean that I am independent. I am currently hanging on different people. This starts with my friend and ends with the children I care for. I depend on them and take them off of me. The same goes for friends and family. We all depend on each other. We need ourselves and the social contact so that we can not unite. Besides, I depend, as you do, on financial and hygienic means as well as the food intake. Without a roof over your head, it will also be difficult. So I am dependent on many things, but I feel (quite) completely independent. As shown in Fig.

# 12 What personal crisis has I seen more good than bad in hindsight?

The time with and after my ex boyfriend was a crisis that I was still working on. Our relationship was up and down and was only so drawn by small crises. Many of us have mastered, but mostly in his way. During the relationship I fell constantly into small holes of weeks of frustration and anger. When I managed to get up, I fell back after only a few weeks. Sometimes it seemed to me more than a game of power. I felt drained and hurt, and something in me demanded for free space. After a long time I made it and broke the spell between him and me. I kept my dreams in mind and went my own way. I chose an independent life from him – forever.

Despite the crises we had beautiful moments and I owe much to him. Without spending time together with him, I would not be prepared for much in life. And without him I would not be myself today.

# 13 When do I feel unjustly treated and how do I deal with it?

I do not like it if you do not respect me and my wishes. In such cases, I am hurt but do not try to point it outwards.

# 14 What is the difference between today’s life and what I imagined as a child – would I be disappointed or excited as a child today?

The child almost 20 years ago would definitely be thrilled that I just come from Costa Rica and in Nicaragua the keys on my laptop play. At the age of 11, I sat at the desk in my children’s room and wrote my first stories on my mother’s typewriter. A few years later, I dreamed of going on a trip and getting to know Costa Rica. The little girl is definitely proud of me that I’ve listened to.

# 15 What are the key pillars that give my life security and stability?

No. 1: My family and friends.

No. 2: Nature.

No. 3: My inner voice.

# 16 What vision would I like for my life?

When I was in Costa Rica for the first time, I had a vision of a happy family, playing and laughing under the sun. This was my first and only “vision” I had ever had. I do not want another vision.

# 17 Will I be happy? If no, what keeps me from it?

Definitely yes. I’m looking forward every day to where I am and what I have. In bad or sad moments, I try to encourage the moment to pass quickly and the sadness does not last forever. That makes me look positively forward.

# 18 Which three of my choices have been the most important to me so far and why?

My decision to listen to my gut feeling and move to Nicaragua for a few months is one of my most important decisions. If I take it right, my last big decision is made up of several small decisions. I decided to go on a journey, to accompany a social project and live as minimally as possible. This took me to Nicaragua.

My second most important decision was to feed me vegan. Not only my skin has improved by herbal diet, but also my fitness and the awareness of our environment has grown.

The first most important decision in my life was my aupair stay in Spain almost 9 years ago. There I fell in love with the Spanish culture and language and found a loving family among my friends. Since then, I regularly fly to Spain and still feel at home there.

# 19 What does really matter to me in life?

In my life I made many decisions and maybe they were not always the best or smartest. Perhaps I have often disliked and disappointed people. I have certainly made many mistakes and they still happen to me. But that is what makes us people and life. That is what makes me too.

It does not matter what other people have. It counts what they make out of their lives. You hold the remote control in your hand. You can now change the channel or watch the same channel for hours.

I recommend the following variant: throw the remote control out of the window and experience your own show. As shown in Fig.

# 20 What have I done today for my happiness?

I got my boyfriend out of bed at seven o’clock this morning, so he’s going to run a round with me. It’s worked out. 🙂 Then I mixed a smoothie and put myself on this text. We enjoyed the day fresh and delicious and spent a lot of time together. Writing, smoothies and a place where I feel comfortable. This is my happiness.

# 21 What compliment do I still remember, as if I had just received it?

These are the sentences of my friends who have stuck in my head before I have flown to Nicaragua. Many told me that it was courageous for me to give up everything and move to a country for a project that I do not know. I like to think about the last weeks in Germany and the sentences of my friends will always be present.

# 22 Which of my strengths is too little in my work and what could I do to change that?

My humor. Whether I work as a personal assistant or dietician – I could bring more humor. This makes the work easier and more beautiful. In the current project with the children it is, of course, much easier, but I will also try to integrate it in the future with regard to my other branches. Eyes to and through – and the laughter do not forget!

# 23 How much closeness does me good, how much paralyzes me?

Proximity, which limits me in my free actions and thoughts, makes me nervous. Often it has already happened that this proximity has driven me to escape, because I knew no better means. I see black, turn around and go. In the meantime I know how to deal with it, but I often experience it in these situations.

# 24 Which erotic fantasy has it so far only in my head?

So far and still. 😉

# 25 In which situations do I sell value?

Since I do not find an answer to this question, I just picked it apart. It is noticeable to me that I do not like the word “sell” in relation to us humans. It sounds like prostitution. Perhaps it is because I do not find an answer to this question. So I skip them quickly. As shown in Fig.

# 26 What are special moments of happiness for me?

If I give someone a pleasure, no matter what, it is the greatest thing for me. When I conjure up a smile on my face or make people laugh, I am twice as happy as I am to make myself happy. This is especially true when I give friends. If I can give them something personal and useful, I look like a little child on their face when they unpack my gift.

# 27 At what age did I learn the most, in which least and what would I like to learn this year?

That’s easy. I have learned the least in this and last year, the least in the 9th year, and I would like to learn a lot about myself and Nicaragua this year.

# 28 If I had to describe my life in a sentence, how would it be?

The cage holds the door open every day to allow the bird to fly.

# 29 What simple things do I often make too complicated and how could I change that?

I definitely plan too much and too much. In Nicaragua I have learned to take things as and when they come. You can not plan your life down to the smallest detail. I have unfortunately done this in the past few years and annoyed about moments and things that came differently than I had planned. Life should be seen as a social game. You dice every day and every minute new. You can not predict which number is coming. The only thing you can influence is the moment you take the dice in your hand.

# 30 What would I like to nurture and nurture to old age, which would I like to fade with time?

Well, I would like to mention my “Daily Smoothie Thing”, as I now call it, to old age with me. Healthy eating and smoothies make me happy (even if I like to go to other things) and I believe that we can get old and healthy.

On the other hand, I want to leave my macke, which I described in # 29. I plan too much and should improvise more.

# 31 What should I trust, so I would be positively surprised by myself?

I would have to stand before a crowd and talk. When I kick off the stage with great applause and a big smile on my face, I am more than positively surprised that I have made it.

# 32 What would I regret later, if I had not?

I have always been interested in human rights (especially children’s rights). My great dream is to create an NGO next to a family, with which I can offer a better future for children and families.

# 33 How important is money for me and my happiness? Do I consider that the essentials are not available?

Many people think that they will be happier if they have a lot of money. Human values are more important. Money is only a means of exchange. We exchange money for items or service. Money is important to keep a good and healthy life. It does not lead us to happiness. Happiness comes from inside and can not be bought by anyone.

And now you’re off with your answers to the questions about happiness!

If you have more questions, send me or leave a comment!

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