66 things that will change your life


It’s easy to say that we should make the best out of our lives. After a long search (which is not over yet), I found something for my life: Use every day to make a good decision! Everyone is able to do something good each day. Also you can do something good today! With small deeds a day you can change the world. Just as Rachel Scott did and many other people do it still every day.

If you ask yourself where your life takes you, do not worry. When time is right, the answer will come from all alone. Until then, you can bring a bit sparkle to every day by small actions. It’s that easy!

66 things that will change your life

  1. Send an honest Facebook message to 3 persons – now!
  2. Bring cakes to the office.
  3. Make a compliment to strangers, how well behaved their child is.
  4. When someone says something bad about another person in front of you, say something nice about that person.
  5. Cook for a friend and take care of his household when he goes through a difficult time.
  6. Put your smartphone aside.
  7. Make friends with the person who has just moved into the neighborhood.
  8. Keep the leftovers after the meal in the restaurant and offer them to a homeless person.
  9. Donate your clothes when you get new ones.
  10. Do not interrupt another person talking.
  11. Contact a person from your past who has changed your life.
  12. Give the nice waiter a tip.
  13. Go  through the streets with a smile.
  14. Give the car next to you a wave he may go ahead, even if you are in a hurry.
  15. Forgive someone and forget about the discussion.
  16. Talk to the shy person who is sitting alone at the party.
  17. Leave your magazine in the train so that the next passenger may read it.
  18. Help the mother with the stroller.
  19. Let the person with two items at the supermarket pay first.
  20. Write a letter.
  21. Give away things you do not need anymore.
  22. Give someone the book you just finished reading.
  23. Bring a smile to the office.
  24. When you go somewhere, ask the people around you if they need anything.
  25. Embrace someone.
  26. If you spill something, wipe it.
  27. Call your parents.
  28. When you see someone throwing trash away, pick it up and throw it into the next bucket.
  29. Write something nice on the Facebook page of someone who is constantly posting something. He feels probably lonely.
  30. Leave Post-its with positive sayings on toilets.
  31. Share a compliment that you happened to hear on the street.
  32. Participate in a social project.
  33. Bring your partner morning coffee (or a smoothie ;-)) to the bed.
  34. Make sure that every person in the group feels integrated.
  35. Answer the e-mail that you have been avoiding for a long time.
  36. Give away or recycle your old laptop and electronic items.
  37. Write a nice comment on a friend’s blog.
  38. Eat less meat.
  39. Offer a handkerchief to the weeping person and offer a conversation.
  40. Listen.
  41. Adopt an animal from the shelter.
  42. Make a compliment to someone else in the presence of other people.
  43. Keep the elevator open.
  44. Remember that everyone has to deal with problems.
  45. Write a list of things you love about him/her.
  46. Show compassion.
  47. Thank the porter.
  48. Talk to someone you’ve never spoken to before.
  49. Envelop your friend’s favorite quote and give it to him.
  50. Write someone to wish him/her just a good morning.
  51. Carry the trash out for your old neighbor.
  52. Stand up in the train and offer your seat to someone else.
  53. Tell your siblings how much you appreciate them.
  54. Plant a tree.
  55. Make nice photos of your friends and send them to them.
  56. Smile if you’re not feeling well.
  57. Prepare two meals and give one of them to another person.
  58. Use “car sharing”.
  59. Be encouraging!
  60. Help others carry their heavy bags.
  61. Give friends a hug. Many of us are looking for closeness!
  62. Be friendly in the queue of the telephone service. It is not their fault.
  63. Take care of the dishwashing, even if it’s not yours.
  64. Give someone the rest of your gum pack.
  65. Be patient.
  66. Think of three things you are grateful for before you go to bed.

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