12 tips how to live a happy life


There are everyday things that make us happy. I mean really happy. Not the feeling we can buy on the fast, as through a new t-shirt or a pair of shoes. This is too simple. Just as easily, the happiness disappears two days later. We see, buy, consume and think, it makes us happy.

The feeling of happiness, which I mean, remains forever. In all beautiful situations and also in each not so good moment. What can really make us happy or help us become more happy people, we can not buy.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” (Buddha)

It’s about how you deal with everyday situations. Are you a joyousness and react to everything in peace and joy? Do you react nervously or confidently when someone criticizes you? Do you react annoyed or understanding when you have to wait at the cash desk in the supermarket? What if you just react differently than before? You can control yourself and you will see that it makes many things easier.

There are several factors that lead to a happier life.

Do you feel alone or do not have the right people around you? Are you always in the office and do not have time for your hobbies, friends and family? Do not you feel accepted and criticize yourself? You always turn around in the circle and do not come any further?

Start the day with a smile and start off positively. Look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. I know. It sounds totally ridiculous. But it makes you happy. Take your time. It does not take long.

Think about your social environment. Are there people who rob you of energy or constantly criticize you? Then let go of these people who do not do you good. They think only of themselves and give other people nothing but anger and sorrow.


1. Start the day with a smile

  • If you feel lousy or have a hard day, think of a person, a place, or a situation that makes you laugh.

  • Even if you do not feel like it: Smile! Just by the muscle movements of your mouth increases happiness. Dopamine pure! 🙂

2. Be thankful

  • Happy people always have something for which they are grateful.
  • People who are grateful are not only happier, they are also less stressed and less depressed.
  • Happy people find gratitude easy in their environment, no matter how dark it is. You will find gratitude in a small meal, a good book or the smile of a stranger.

  • Each of us makes the decision about what we focus on and focus on. If we focus on gratitude for the beauty and uniqueness of our lives rather than on the problems and causes, it makes us more relaxed and therefore happier.

3. Find your flow

  • When we are in the “flow”, we have the impression that time will stand still. We are focused, peaceful and careful. We are concentrating on the task in which we are. This can be:
    • A 10km run
    • The writing of a book
    • A trip you always dreamed of
  • People who are regularly in the flow are happy, productive and focused.
  • You reach your flow by placing special attention on tasks that you particularly like. So take time for something you feel comfortable with and what you love!

4. Accept your mistakes

  • Nobody is perfect and it is quite natural that each of us make mistakes.
  • Do not be angry about mistakes that have happened to you and do not lose yourself in your ego. It will be bad and keep you away from other nice moments.
  • Accept your mistakes and you will be able to forgive yourself. And it can even happen that people admire you for it!
  • See your mistakes as a lesson. You learn from every mistake.

5. Be optimistic

  • Happy people tend to be more optimistic in negative situations than dissatisfied people.
  • Always keep in mind that negative moments will not last long and go away again.

  • Optimism is a central factor to go happily and healthy through life.


6. Surround yourself with positive people

  • Even if it is sometimes difficult, we need other people around us to feel happy.

  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and keep you far from those who do not do you good and rob energy.

7. Learn to say NO

  • To say yes means to say no to situations and people who stress you.

  • Happy people know that they have to say no to people, ideas and behaviors that make you feel uncomfortable. If you say yes to everything, this can lead to stress and you have less time for yourself and what is good for you.

8. Spend your time in nature

  • We humans are not created to be locked in the office all day. We should spend our time in nature, instead of being distracted by electronic devices 12 hours a day.
  • We are not designed to constantly surround ourselves with the latest technology, to expose the rays of smartphones and screens.
  • Happy people understand that they need peace for reflection and to find themselves. We can do this in nature.
  • Time in nature is associated with satisfaction, because light lifts our mood (thanks to vitamin D).

  • If you want to take full advantage of the time outside, spend your time in the green. Only five minutes in the green can raise the mood and your self-esteem.
  • Connect the time you spend outside with meditation, yoga or other exercises. This will lead to the brightening of your mood and your condition.


9. Forgive yourself and others

  • Forgiven can be difficult for one or another because of experiences that are not so fast to be processed or forgotten.
  • It does not mean that one accepts and well means what happened. It means that you no longer want to carry the pain with you and let go of it.
  • When we cling to anger, anger, fear, and other negative feelings, they block our innermost being and keep us from being happy and fulfilled.


10. Try new things

  • Happy people are not afraid to try new things.
  • People who try new things and find themselves in different situations save the positive feelings rather than people who have experienced less.
  • Come out of your comfort zone and imagine the fear that you feel at the beginning. Surprise yourself to what you are capable of!

  • Always keep your head in the back: if it does not work, you have at least tried it!
  • What have you always wanted to try? Do it now!

11. Look into the mirror

  • For many of us love is the greatest challenge and a blockade.
  • Again and again we hear from the media that we are neither capable nor good or fast enough. Many of us are already taught by teachers, our family or friends.
  • The truth is that you are good enough – just as you are now. Always tell it to you and look at the mirror.

  • Look in the mirror and say “I love you.” Ridiculous? Yes, may be. But helpful.

12. Accept other opinions

  • Listen and accept ideas, thoughts and expressions from other people.
  • Keep your opinion and stand, but do not be closed to others.

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