10 steps for a happy life


There are many things in life that make us happier people. On a rainy Sunday, we may get surprised with a delicious cake from a friend. After only one piece of the cake, we regain our smile. You can share this cake with the whole community around you. But how? How can you share this cake with your whole surrounding and at the same timeseek happiness?

We can do much for our inner happiness. In this post, I want you to give a few ideas! It is not always the best friend with a piece of cake to make our lives more delicious. That would be much too easy. But you can consciously do something to make your life happier than it was the day before. In the end, it’s in your hands if you find happiness.

# 1: Friends and family

The people around you provide valuable support in all situations. Therefore, it is important to invest time to strengthen relationships – even if there is no cake! 😉 Talk about what you have to do but you shouldn’t feel pressured. In respect of finding happiness there is no pressure.

What you can do:

  • Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Keep your smartphone in your pocket when you talk to friends.

# 2: Giving

If you help others, you make them happy. But not only that! You too will find your inner happiness. Live a happy life by helping others. It doesn’t have to be a big action. Very often, small acts are more than sufficient.

Try it:

  • Use your skills and offer your help.
  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues about their health and listen without condemning them.

# 3: Direction

It is motivating to follow a certain direction and to pursue positive, realistic goals. Do not let anyone stop you while you go your way. Listen to your inner voice, which will lead you all the way in the right direction and find your happiness. Often there are envious voices from the outside that try to stop you.

What you can do:

  • Find something that means a lot to you and set personal goals. It should not be something that others expect from you.
  • Celebrate each goal achieved with a small reward.

# 4: Resiliency

Even if we can not always say what is happening to us, we can often find our own response to what has happened. What I want to say is simple. If you spill a glass of water, laugh at your clumsiness. If you feel annoyed or sad, write down your feelings. Once you have done the first step, you feel better.

Try it:

  • Find a valve for you to get rid of your feelings and thoughts. An open ear can help or even to write a diary.
  • Practice in resilience and you will find more satisfaction and happiness all by yourself.

# 5: Movement

Regular exercise boosts your endorphin level and increases your self confidence. Children who follow a specific sport in an early age have a bigger self-esteem, and later on most likely they know what they want in life. Discover the child in yourself and find your movement again!

What you can do:

  • Find a sport that you can incorporate into your everyday life.
  • Leave the car in front of your house and walk short distances or take the bike.

# 6: Feelings

Positive feelings can provide a buffer for stress. In addition, they can make long-term changes in your brain to maintain your well-being. How is this possible? Write three things down for which you are grateful every day. You’ll notice after a few days how you see things more positiv and how you are able to overcome your anger from the day before.

Try it:

  • Take time to figure out what you are grateful for and focus on the good aspects in every situation.
  • Take the time to have fun.

# 7: Mindfulness

Unlock the engine of your rat race and live in the Here and Now. This is a wonderful step to deal with stress in your everyday life. I have been practicing yoga in the recent months. If you try yoga or not, surely you will find your own way to deal with yourself and your environment more carefully.

What you can do:

  • Give more attention to your senses. What do you feel and see?
  • In the evening, take time to reflect your day.

# 8: Learning

When you learn new things,  your mood is rising. Also, learning new things is relaxing and stimulating for your senses.

Try it:

  • Take the new position offered to you at work.
  • Try a new hobby or sports.

# 9: Meaning

People who have a meaning in their lives suffer from less stress, anxiety and depression. What is the purpose of your life? Is it fun to help other people learn, and do you like to create new things or do you care about your career? What do you like most about your time and can you be who you really are?

What you can do:

  • Give priority to activities, people and thoughts in your life that are important to you.
  • Follow a volunteer work, be part of a team and be happy about the results you contribute to.

# 10: Acceptance

Nobody is perfect. If you always look for other things, you put stones in the way of your own happiness. Do not compare yourself with others and be who you are. You are good the way you are today.

Try it:

  • Be nice to yourself if things don’t go as planned.
  • Don’t focus on things that you don’t have, and focus on the things you can.

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